"Once in the Wild West (1968)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

As soon as you remember on the imperishable masterpiece Sergio Leone, once there is a feeling similar to when you talk about something sacred, eternal, monumental. It is thus seen that film with more than 40-year-old range. 1968th generally landmark year for the world of cinema. After all, at a time when overseas Stanley Kubrick for a couple with Arthur C. Clarke worked the future of the fantasy genre, and Romero forever changed the genre of horror, Leone was shooting one of the last (let's be honest, is now western is clearly not in favor among modern filmmakers) masterpieces so beloved by the people genre.
it would seem that after the "dollar trilogy" make something of such things in the genre is almost impossible. True, he Leone for a couple with their no less famous writers Bernardo Bertolucci and Dario Argento thought otherwise, co-wrote the script for one of the best and, at the same time, the most unusual representatives of the genre.
amusing fact, but from the first the timing of the film trilogy, his paintings only grew, reaching its peak precisely in "the West." It feels like the most famous classmate Ennio Morricone only acquired a taste and with each picture enjoyed his work more and more.
Try to retell the events of the first hour of the film the viewer is not familiar with this picture, and the interlocutor looks at you, puzzled vzmetnuv up eyebrows. But watch (and even more so to revise) the hour - an unforgettable experience. Minimum of the action, the maximum close-ups and landscapes (like say "Wild West", but he's only on the script). The quintessence of this hour is the introductory scene with the three "greeters" at the train station, especially the scene with a fly crawling across the face from too lazy cowboy. As it has been removed - for me it is still one of the biggest mysteries of cinema. Say, in the scene of the original idea was to play a trio of "good, bad, evil" that was supposed to be greeting his beloved. However, it did not happen, and the trio, sure did not want such a sudden sad fate. And although the three o'clock screen action, if desired, can be paraphrased one small paragraph, boring and tedious becomes never. And there are several reasons.
soloist here Charles Bronson, whose main character is ambiguous as much as heroic and invincible. Ambiguity and legendary it is so great that at one time surfaced version that he had none other than the Angel of Death in a light dress, a meeting which does not end with anything good, though he was always there at the right time in the right place. It is difficult to suspect Sergio Leone in the mystical layers of his paintings, but somewhere in the shadow of a doubt (due to participate in writing the story of Dario Argento) creeps. In any case, Bronson simply shines in her role, and you understand it best in the final, when it becomes clear force driving them. Another pillar on which rests the entire film is Henry Fonda. In order to participate and not in sparkling blue eyes which dikozapadnomu Leone made a great effort, and which is closer to the final, played a great confrontation with the harmonica -. Bronson
hero Jason Robards playing gangster Shaya, continually exuding true worldly wisdom, he has created a very lively and likeable character, which, despite its E activity does not nourish bad feelings. Bandit merry with sad look - now the personification of the spirit of this work
And if for a possible mystical component posted Argento, then there is no doubt in the fact that the "female" part of the answer by Bernardo Bertolucci.. At a time when Western is a classic masculine genre, and where even the plot of the role of women amounted at most to the role of servant, "Once Upon a Time in the West" is an atypical precisely in terms of the film. After all, a woman is not just one of the actors, but also a key character, unites brutal male characters. Just a delightful role of Claudia Cardinale, affecting its ambiguity. After all, definitely a positive as well as negative characteristics can not be provided by describing her character. "West" does the seemingly impossible - on the one hand sings an ode to a woman, on the other - so cruelly and recklessly trampling her. And when, from the point of view of men, all ends happily, any woman will tell you that almost the biggest loss of my character has exactly this sort of happy moment
talk about the film and to admire the music of Ennio Morricone -. Typically bad tone. In the cinema with the advent of sound, the music in the movie always has a special place. So it remains to this day. Soundtracks are good, there are not very good, but this organic union of images, design director and acting with music can be counted on the fingers of both hands. One of the best director-composer and a friendly duets gave misfire even once, and in this case, the hit was completely one hundred percent, smash apple pieces.
And even though there are all attributes inherent in westerns like swashbuckling duels, black humor, severe male characters and interiors of classic saloons, the finer points of the painting make it very close to almost any audience, thereby making the film with an epic titled "Once Upon a Time in the West" in the reference sample is almost a genre. Further evidence of the people's love - a very stable fixation of the film in the first twenty notorious stamp on IMDB, and above the busy place in the audience's hearts.

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