"Once in the Wild West (1968)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Young woman Jill McBain comes from New Orleans in a small town in the south of the United States to her husband, with whom they were married a month ago. Here she learns that someone killed her husband and his three children. All the evidence points to Cheyenne, the local gangster. However, Cheyenne - a man of principle who will never murder of a child. Unhappy that he try to ascribe cynical crimes he did not commit, Cheyenne begins to protect Jill. It soon turns out that the murder should local railroad tycoon Morton. McBain refused to sell his highly valuable land Morton, and he has hired one of the best shooters of America named Frank intimidate farmer. However, Frank prefers to act violently and radically - do not leave alive anyone who gets in the way. Meanwhile, the city declared the unknown, which has a score to settle with Frank. Very soon they will come together in a deadly ultimate showdown, live from which only one will. It happened a long time ago ... Once Upon a Time in the West
«Once Upon a Time in the West" - the fourth western by Sergio Leone. The innovative concept of westerns, tested in "A Fistful of Dollars", almost fully realized in "A Few Dollars More" has been brought to perfection in the movie "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly." And it's hard to imagine that it is possible to make a western is better than it was done "dollar trilogy" in the last film. However, Leone could again impress the audience and critics, removing another western absolutely on par with the previous masterpiece and completely different in style to present themselves in perception. Some point to the fact that the film "Once Upon a Time in the West" begins "a trilogy of tragedies," Sergio Leone films are not related one story, but united by deep tragedy of the characters and their fates. If the "dollar trilogy" was more of a tragicomedy in which the dramatic elements were important, but not the leading part, and the plight of some of the characters was given too much time in the fourth western Leone all wrapped exactly the opposite. Now, in the center of the narrative are terrible trials that befell the heroes: the single woman, lost in a moment newly found family, an unknown stranger, who plays the harmonica, whose life was once sent to the path of brutal revenge, finally, railroad Morton, who suffers from a serious illness who acquired wealth, but lost everything else, ultimately, it becomes a puppet ruthless Frank is hired for the purpose of quickly and easily solve their problems. If the "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" viewer allowed to dislike to each of the main characters, because they were all scoundrels, ready to do anything for money, in "Once Upon a Time in the West", the authors make the experience a little sympathy to each of the characters. The fate of each of them, even the most heinous villain, is a deep inner shock, because each of them is fighting for his justice and his truth. If at the beginning of the viewer can distinguish positive and negative characters, very soon he will see that none of them is not so simple. Nameless stranger, representing different names is not funny guy and not an adventurer, Jill is not faithful and chaste woman, bandit Cheyenne is not so cruel and ruthless thug, how it is represented by the inhabitants of the city, the tycoon Morton is a victim of its own wealth and ruthless Frank can not get rid of the essence of the killer and become an ordinary businessman, whatever he did, the violence is to end the method of solving any problem.
it is in this film by Sergio Leone in full demonstrates not only his ability to shoot beautiful, touched to the core tape, he shows his talent in the creation of deep, wonderfully alive and moving characters, creating irreconcilable conflicts between the characters. Compare this film with the same "Good Bad and the Ugly" utterly meaningless. In both cases, the Sergio Leone western opens from different sides, while adhering to their chosen style of the genre. The story told by Leone able to touch deeply: she takes the viewer into another era, another time, another country, forcing himself through the experience all feelings of the characters: love, hate, despair, revenge and the thirst for justice. It does not find the cardboard characters: each one of them - personality, life history. And each of them has something to love, to respect and to hate. And to fully appreciate all these advantages, to experience these feelings, of course, allows a great visual range in conjunction with the compositions Morricone. That is why it is impossible to forget the deadly "dance", in which the end of the film the main characters converge. And here the important role played by the director the attention to detail that make the picture perfect white and black robes of heroes, Charles Bronson and Henry Fonda, close-ups of the characters of persons, their piercing eyes, effective movement, which the heroes take off the dusty road jackets and bring guns in combat readiness. In each frame, substantially everything from characters look to the surrounding landscape. And the likeness of a desert scene on the background of mountains and blue sky, which converge in a duel is the best illustration of the fact, after pronouncing the hero Funds words: "The future does not concern us. Now nothing matters, neither land nor money, nor women. I have come to meet you. Because I know that now you tell me, who you so!. »
brilliant directing, screenplay, brilliant game Flawless construction of the frame, combined with an unmatched music of Ennio Morricone and make an already impressive creation into a masterpiece.
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