"Once in the Wild West (1968)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Keep a person's life in his hands, in the subtle electrical impulses to the brain to the index finger, frozen on the trigger of a revolver - that is power. And many times this power is in my hands.
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«Once Upon a Time in the West" (hereinafter simply "ONDZ") is confined to a logical conclusion cowboy theme Sergio Leone 60s ( director even remove some cowboy movies in the 70's) after his famous, mostly Italian, dollar trilogy with a stylized American idol Clint Eastwood in the first leading roles. Judging by the title, is the creator of Sierra Leone has adopted in its unfortunately the last gangster canvas "Once in America", this picture is promising promises to be Opik westerns, both for the audience and, much more important for the director, blockbusters, kinomechtoy, kinoskazki . the genre of the times trusty steed, stylish hats and do not seize up Colt
this work has bigger at times, "good, bad, evil," and there was a statement vseobemnoy: no longer sizes vseohvatyvaemost tale plays a major role in this regard, and much more with the first th sight insignificant details, which are impregnated with the movie. Check the saturation is very easy - just look away from the main characters and enchanting views of the extras and their way of life - everyone doing something, somewhere to dance and move, repairing the house, pouring water, leading voiceover conversation quickly jumps on a horse. Forget the word "sterile", it's not familiar. It is really the work of the masters, erected in the absolute: pedantry and idealizing of everything from Unicum attraction of this era the local US locations and finishing behavior of each man. Besides, it is because of this movie does not look like the proverbial branding word "spaghetti" western trilogy of the same Leone, which was also Yumorok, and small discrepancies over time (such as that in the "good, bad, evil" can not be of Winchester, and revolvers of the Civil war is not charging cartridges, ie, capsule, and it was poured separately gunpowder, and then hammered the little bullet; in some scenes it is clear that the rifle is unloaded when the drum is looking us in the face - in "ONDZ.. "such mistakes anymore), which their own" n apa ", tremulous related to their children, must have known and used to emphasize the hill sample western cowboy pathos and peak slope. And still there was Clint Eastwood, without which the last words of the preceding sentence loses all meaning. But Clint would in any age, in any western'd looked ... mechanically appropriate. I think all would agree. Suffice it to look "Unforgiven", by the way, who is also his directorial work
known as the one starring Charles Bronson appeared, too bad hunted cowboy business in those days, but do not believe this evil trick -. In its place in the "ONDZ "simply must be Eastwood. The same ring of arrows, which then came up with an apparent history and the corrected independently nickname, otherwise the audience guessed that it was the same veiled Clint. But Bronson also not losing positions, making sure, severe mines and shoots well. But be honest: instead of wrinkles and face-potatoes Bronson wants to see a predatory grin and squint Eastwood with a brown cigarette in his mouth (as Clint, by the way, does not smoke and have never smoked, in contrast to his characters)
rest protagonists played by Henry Fonda. and Jason Robards. In general, the trio of characters (and less characters after the "good, bad, evil" is simply impossible) - mutual opposites, imperceptibly at first glance complementary. Character Bronson - unforgiving ghost of the past in a white robe, kept the concept of nobility, but is completely alienated from the world, Jason Robards - shabby bandit, which imbued with sympathy from the beginning of wisdom media and everyday tips, gorgeous, blue-eyed Henry Fonda - imperious, cold-blooded man in all black, putting yourself in the center of the world and with the inexorable unceremoniously achieve their goals. Well, it would be an insult to say a few words about therebetween woman, played by Italian beauty Claudia Cardinale. Diva is good.
This movie, like all epic and in general any known film by Sergio Leone, cumbersome long-lasting, but do not let yourself scare it. Especially the timing of even a little less "good, bad, evil", unlike that 'ONDZ "is not packed with such a high number of often obscure and accidental minor dangling storylines. Instead, here a real desert (filmed already in America, rather than the Spaniards), ages later, a beautiful woman standing in the midst of the maelstrom and style, style, style. It is not so much obvious, juicy, as in "spaghetti", but proudly imprinted on each frame of the film. Again perfektsionnaya of detail throughout. The film is really warmed up by the second hour, and eyes are already adhered to the screen impartially. First, more languid hour only sets the overall tone, conducts introductory lectures and puts a good number of puzzles
Where there is Sergio Leone, there will Ennio Morricone -. The legendary composer, the last hand-in-hand with the director all his masterpieces. The author of these lines was very pleasantly surprised when the next day at the St. Petersburg subway after recently shown on television, "good, bad, evil" I heard the main theme of this film have two people on the ringtones. Now on your mobile phone has a decent answer -. Cheyenne musical theme, one of the main characters from "ONDZ»
«Once Upon a Time in the West" cowboy accumulates all previous experience of Sergio Leone and puts it on inaccessible hill, moreover, it does not even require an aperitif from the wonderful "dollar trilogy". Epic Masterpiece.

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