On the spectrum summary Essay

On the spectrum is based on a young 16 year old girl named Clara who is suffering from orthorexia, ( a condition where you are obsessed with eating healthy and working an obsessive amount.)

Clara grew up living in the shadows of her mother a famous ballerina, for the new york city ballet. Clara grew up trying to impress her mother, and living up to the standards she had, even if that meant harming herself. Her mother would always expect her to eat healthy and workout but no one knew that it would turn out to be an obsessive amount. Clara always knew as she grew up that she wouldn't be like her mother, but she still tried to live up to her expectation. When claras school counselor called her into her office oneday, to sit her down and tell her she think she has orthorexia no one was in shock except for her mother. At first she denied she had, she didn't think she could ever have a eating disorder. When her mom told clara's dad he was immediately worried about her, even though he is living halfway across the world. Clara never really saw her dad, she didn't even really talk to him that much. When her dad got to thinking about how he doesn't see her much or talk to her, he decided to invite her to spend the summer with him and his wife Mag, and clara’s step brother Alistair. When Clara was first asked she immediately turned it down she said that she didn't want to spend time with someone who didn't even want to come and see her half the time. But her mother forced her to go and spend time with and get to her brother better. Clara thought that she was going to hate this summer and that it was going to be terrible. When she first got there she didn't get along with anybody, Mag always disagreed with her and her brother wouldn't even talk to her. Her dad would try to talk to her but it would always end up with Clara getting mad at him. It took clara awhile for her to get used to her dad and his family that he had here and it not just bein her and her mom and clara doing whatever she wanted. Well clara was there she met many people that helped her with her eating disorder. By the end of the summer clara finally accepted that she had an eating disorder and started to recover from it. {reflection} i found this book to be very dry and dull throughout the book, there wasnt alot of stuff that actually happened that was very interesting it was mostly just about her life and how she lived it. I didn't like how near at the end of the book the book started to actually start to pick up but everything picked in about 2-3 pages and then it was done and the rest of the book was very dull. I would give this book a rate of 2 out 5 stars. The thing i really liked about the book is that it was about health issues and how someone with a health issues live with it because lots of the time people will just think that these people are crazy because they are like this, i also liked that it wasn't just the most common health issues there were health issues that aren't common and that you don't hear about a lot of the time. I would recommend this book to anyone who has any kind of health issue because when i read this book i didn't really accept the issue that i have with my health but by the end i realized that having a health problem of any kind is a blessing and that if you have on you aren't psychopathic but you are special in your own way just like everyone is special in their own way.

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