Olympic Park In Stratford Essay


Discuss about the Olympic Park in Stratford.



A particular message that broadcasted around the Olympic Park in Stratford during the starting of the event that it is going to be the glorious event ever happened in London. The value of public investment in influential sport event is the most prominent factors that have been showcased during the event. The grassroots of UK sport transformation and the overall economic benefits has been took place. The festival of sport spirit has been rejuvenated through this event and most importantly, the Olympic Games boosted the tourism within the territory of United Kingdom (NYC Finance Jobs, Finance Consulting, New York Recruiters - Wall Street Services, 2016). Therefore, Olympic developed reliable economic platform that increases the chances of future business infrastructure.

Financial investment in this event provide immense impact to the overall success and failure rates and in this case, the financial budget management was not done as per the requirement and due to the fact government cooperation was not observed effectively that can execute the program successfully. There are some issues related to Singapore Moment results in some modifications of sports strategy. On the other hand, it can be regarded as the economic failure as most of the hotels and restaurants were empty during the event (Stock Markets, 2016).

The government body and the ministry of Britain were solely responsible for the management of the event and as far as the success is concerned the strategies and rules were not quite effectively implemented that can results in better successful event.

The major stakeholders are the government authorities, the participated players, the managing authorities and the individuals who came to see the event at London (the Guardian, 2016). The major risk associated with safety and security of citizen that is innovatively maintained by the government.


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