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The film of all time, love him very much, but I still can not watch without tears.
«There is a profession to protect the homeland" and that says it all, even if you're the king's officer, even though the Soviet.
< b> Honor and Glory to these people !!! That first Honor, and then glory. And this formula says it all. And while the beating heart of the officer of any enemy army will not be able not to win, but to surpass in the spirit of a Russian officer.
And you will never forget the events of those years, never erase from memory, because you love sunrises and sunsets, quiet evenings and a small town or village where he grew up, where he met the first love and the first dawn with my girlfriend.
thank you so much Mosfilm employees for the work done!
Color film now looks a lot better
But the main thing - saved the spirit of "Officers»
! EPER and the current generation will know that there is such a profession - to defend the motherland
The film has a moment when Luba Mills goes on a hospital train, and there among the wounded Georgians, Kazakhs, and. Belarusian, and Ukrainian, and Russian - was one country. All were held for each other! And therefore we won. However, we are not afraid of anybody.
this stunning film looked more than once, and never had a desire to turn up any discrepancies something. In my opinion, a fine example of heroic and patriotic genre, plus drama and adventure. Just the pleasure to review. One of the authors of the script - Boris Vasilyev, a writer who, in fact, knows what writes
Actors Summit
Basil Lanoviy -.. Handsome, the most romantic and aristocratic actor of the USSR and Russia. His Ivan Barabbas (my favorite character), an example to follow. The image of this man. As he sincerely loves Luba as suffering from unrequited love, the tenderness with which looking at her. But she was the wife another, which means inviolable. So she never will respond to his love. But for all his life, he even no word hinted at his love for her, placing above all, love of country, and friendship.
And what beauty there (yes, in fact, anywhere) Alina Pokrovskaya! I have seen her only 2-3 films directly pity that so few film credits her. Here it is flawless. Her character Luba Trofimov - an exemplary officer's wife. She is waiting for him all his life, he loves him sincerely and faithfully, with a son and with her husband bears the burden not an easy service to the Fatherland
George Yumatov -. Alex Trofimov - a real officer, who decided to dedicate his life to the service of the motherland. Duty, honor, devotion to the Fatherland, friends and the woman he loves, for it all. For such people, and Russia is held. On such as Alex, and such as Ivan, finished with dedication and to the last breath to fight for their homeland.
film goes just 1.5 hours, but how much has been said and shown! Events taking place for decades, did not seem sketchy, torn pieces.
After the final narrative continues. Several shots - and we know how to fight the heroes, and what happened to the boy. And it could stretch for another series!
It seems to me that the aerobatics! This is the case when the brevity - the sister of talent. Song -. A masterpiece, I can still hear it, I have tears in their eyes
about this remarkable film can talk endlessly. From the fact that we are all different, may perceive it, it ceases to be very important for many people. As for me
Because "There is such a profession - to defend the motherland.", There is a real friendship and true love, there is sincerity, there is devotion to the homeland and family is what is most precious in the world and it will always be.
A masterpiece of Soviet cinema. Reference. The film is at all times for all generations.
Evaluate this film is impossible. He is a treasure for the audience, I would give a diamond film Oscar, if one has been in the nature. But still, let me put the evaluation. And it is certainly the highest score, and nothing else.
10 of 10

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