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No family in Russia, one that would not be affected by the Second World War, it is the Great Patriotic War. All we have someone in it had lost - grandfathers, mothers, brothers, and someone even sons. And let since that time passed long seventy years, but just easier to not become. After all, how many people died, good men. People whom we will never know, and all we can do so is to listen to stories of grandfathers of those difficult times, and their friends and colleagues who have died fighting for our future with you. Sadly it all. Very sad. But let us honor all those who are not with us a moment of silence and once again go forward in the past, so that together with the heroes of the picture to remember about the past and look into the faces of those for whom the defense of the homeland, and with it, civilians became not work, and calling. All right, we have a movie legend -
«Officers' Can you describe this film in two sentences.? Perhaps not. Why? Dear friends, as you will be able to describe the life, with all its ups and downs, advantages and disadvantages in a nutshell? So it is with this film, because it tells the story of this friendship, all-consuming love, honor and loyalty as the debt and the family and all of these, no doubt clean and bright feelings will be imprinted on the picture whose name - War. Terrible old woman that goes by castles and villages and collects its toll on human beings, not sparing the old and the young, destroying families and leaving a bleeding scars on the hearts of those who survived, the scars that are not overgrown ever.
unusual contrast who can argue, but it is thanks to him this film and etched in my memory. Thanks to him, as well as two songs that will feature in the film. Songs that touch the very soul and not allowed to remain indifferent to what is happening on the screen. And how? After all, when a small group of soldiers, bleeding and covered with burns trying to hold up the German tanks under the inspiring melody, it is very difficult to cope with the flood of emotions. Because the picture looked bleak and hopeless, and how such a situation has been in the war? What to say about the center of the song, which is paired with the visuals create an amazing contrast of being both an epitaph, and at the same time offering hope and faith in a better tomorrow?
But this story would be incomplete without heroes. Those likable from the first minutes of the meeting and the longer the viewer would continue acquaintance with the heroes of the works, the have more sympathy grew into affection and characters of the film would be seen as not only the actors, but as old friends who you can always ask for advice. Yes, maybe it sounds too sentimental, but my friends think Shurik Alexander Demyanenko execution, Ostap Bender in the performance of Sergei Jurassic, associate professor in the performance of Yevgeny Leonov and many other heroes of the old Soviet films. They all have plenty of memories is connected, I hope only pleasant, and they can not leave anyone indifferent. The same can be said about the main characters of "officer" - Alexei Trofimov and Ivan Barrabas. It is simple and complex at the same time people. They both fell in love with the exact same woman, and fell in love at first sight. This is the most pure and turbid love, which can only be in the movies. They both did not plan to link their fate with the army, as both had other plans for life. They were both inspired by the feat, perfect their immediate commander, as well as the fact that not a year that did not start another war, they decided to give up life in the civilian world, in order to protect those who are dear to them. But draws heroes Basil Lanovoi and George Yumatova not so much that, as well as their sincere feelings and emotions that are reflected not only in their words, funny, terrible, and sometimes broken by repressed feelings, the voice, but also in the movements and facial expressions . And, hell, it can not be described with words, but we just have to see once in order to understand what I mean.
result? Very strong emotional experience, which looks the same breath, regardless of whether you watch it for the first time or the hundredth. This film is a tribute to all those who died in the war and words of gratitude to those who survived. This is a film in which there is not a single superfluous details and where each component in its place. And this is a movie that everyone should see. Just to see, let alone draw conclusions from what he saw do it yourself.
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