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Looking at how the plummeting prestige of military service among the current Russian youth will inevitably pose the question: who is more to blame in this? The state, for decades unable to provide acceptable conditions of service? The parents of conscripts, depriving their children of performance such as the honorable duty to the Motherland? Sami boys, ready to go to any tricks just to "hang"? If there is a global problem, then solve it possible not only when the "full resist sides." One thing is certain: the country has come naturally to the fact that military service has evolved from a respected men attribute to the subject of misunderstanding and even ridicule. Hardly in the XXI century will be something fantastic, and at least one third of the potential entrants suddenly wants to try on the shirt and wound puttees. However, it was certainly not always. In Soviet times it was an honor to serve dawn. Men are proud of their military identification card and readily supported in their offspring notorious tendency to grow into real men. Dynasty war in those years were not uncommon. On one of these, and tells the legendary picture of Vladimir Horn
-. And what is the profession
-? To protect the homeland. There is such a profession platoon
uttering the immortal words became squadron commander, probably not going to promote the ideals of their family. Military seasoned just tried to explain to the young slave that hard soldier's share is able to form a special way of thinking, which go through life much easier. Yesterday's cadet Alexei Trofimov - not the most strong-willed person on earth. Moved to garrison his young wife, he does not dare to demand suitable living conditions. Faced with a person for many years became his faithful friend, Trofimov receives a visible proof of the myth of the Russian soldier. Ivan Barabbas - a good-natured, sympathetic, yet merciless to enemies of the Communist Party of the person, and not angry at all and sundry martinet whose Fatherland drove in the wilderness. Service service, and the war above all a terrible evil, the severity of which two friends are experiencing in their own skin. Barely saved from the murderous Basmachi wife Alexei Lyubasha, die intrepid commander, but his death is forever imprinted in the hearts of Trofimova and Barabbas importance of service to the motherland.
The "officers" battle scenes so intertwined with pictures of peaceful life that might get the impression that the Russian guys just do what they are fighting. In fact, Vladimir Horn explains the term "military thinking." In battle, it's simple: the enemy there, behind the front line. The man just stepped on the land free of exploding shells or tank bursts, clearly feels at ease. Alexei Trofimov went through several wars, he used to be a long time without his wife and son. Without native hard fate spread even with your best friend, but he was and would never complain about deprivation. It is possible in peacetime Trofimov would open a new quality, but its military thinking - the best way to fight the enduring burden. For Alexei protection nurtured his homeland from ideological enemies or invaders - true happiness. Therefore, all of the above rising through the hierarchy Trofimov can not even wish his son to some other destiny
From the position of the current guidelines, "Officers." - extremely naive film. Looking at the glowing eyes Mills Jr., with enthusiasm to paint girlfriend subtleties of the tank structure, it is impossible to imagine something similar among the youth of our days. Obviously, the parents brought Yegor in severity, from an early age accustomed to the discipline. But the guy something genuinely happy! Fanatically devoted to the idea of ​​service to the motherland, he assures that he was right, even skeptical girlfriend Masha. Vladimir Horn does not skimp on the episodes, emphasizing correctness of the chosen family Trofimovykh course. Like his father's son becomes proud of his division. The service is easy, young man dreams of a happy future with Masha, and of his son, who, of course, continue the family line. But about what grief can bring war, forget not work. Paintings by fighting in "officer" a little, but they were taken in a completely naturalistic manner, the benefit of many members of the crew themselves to war. It is easy to believe in the transformation of young intellectuals Lubasha Trofimova in strict Love Andreevnu - boss hospital train. Genuine steel determination in the eyes of young Masha's mother, baby on the transmission order-in-law, when calling the debt. War does not understand gender or political affiliation. At the national grief all stick together. And the power of righteous ideology helps to survive even in an unequal battle.
Yumatov George, Basil Lanoviy and Alina Pokrovskaya even when visual assessment completely different people. But patriotism in their eyes makes possible a unique triangle of outstanding personalities: Alexey, Ivan and love. Harsh fate has scattered friends on different ends of the vast country. Barabbas actions seem surprising. Not too attended to the creation of his own family, he has become attached to a married couple, staying mentally, even in the most difficult moments with them. Friendship without a hint of some jealousy, rivalry or jealousy looks impossible from a modern point of view. The secret of such a relationship is very simple: a sincere love of country and the desire to the death to protect her, leaves no room bad thoughts
Not quite right classing "Officers" to the films about the Great Patriotic War.. Seized Rogov period is much broader five-year cycle. On the example of a single family to show the best advertising service to the Fatherland. In the times of communist propaganda people do not think that you can put your own importance above the interests of the country. Ideals Trofimovykh outdated dynasty, but the value of the magnificent film does not depend on the current system or foreign policy. Man can not fully run its cycle without conscripts. Forty years ago, this idea believe unconditionally. Watching "officers", we want to believe that one day the former authority of the armed forces will be restored, and the young guys will not "otkashivat" and frankly grow up, becoming a worthy sons of a great country.
9 out of 10

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