"Office Romance" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Many, many times I've seen 'Office Romance' on TV. Pieces. Frankly speaking - never wanted to see it in full: I thought it would be boring, uninteresting, etc. I picture is not attracted by the Hollywood glitz, the story - the plot twisted nature. Just another film about love, I thought.
But the gap has a gap, and I decided to make up for it. For as Pushkin school ashamed not to know, and Ryazanov in life not to look ashamed. Too much to learn and so, and I did not look Ryazanov ...
I sat down, turned on the movie ... And stuck
This famous all Soviet cinema:. Pieces it looks interesting but should look to solve, even if it is in the genus 'well, ten minutes and see'll do their own thing' - and you will not leave until you will see what it was all over. Most likely, the secret skills of directors and screenwriters who were too professional to allow the viewer care ahead of time
script, dialogues, drama -. Everything's cool to incredible. So it is good to know how to behave in love is manifested first interest as feelings develop and go to its logical conclusion - well, that how long the world Ryazanov lived, whether in love a lot. It does not matter; everything technical is practically forgotten. I wonder just what will happen in Novoseltseva with Kalugin, although seemingly picture of happy love is not as interesting as the suffering of unrequited. Actually, presumably to emphasize the happiness boss and subordinate, and the line is unrequited love was introduced. Even two: because in addition Samohvalova of Olechka there is also a phone ex husband Vera-secretary
That did not like:. building drama too obvious . I knew exactly what the item to which the present. For example, the dialogue in the dance in the apartment Novoseltseva - very clear picture of characters of interest: Olechka recalls youth to Samokhvalov, who interrogates her about the workers in order to better focus on the new workplace. Here is the explicitness of a slightly tainted impression; however, this is a movie, the writers not necessarily play Dostoyevsky or Chekhov, revealing the characters characters. Just did not like some of the details about which we can say 'this is only a movie'. Although perhaps I'm just used to the modern psychological movie, where all the details and images of the behavior of the most realistic and does not derogate from the realism in the scene name.
But 'puncture' in this films no Yes, there is something that I personally did not like it, but not without reason it is called a masterpiece:. just like the title no one gives. You would think, of course, that here plays the role of the name of the director, but the enthusiasm of the paintings clearly failed venerable directors never pass the test of time.
hereinabove said that the film, they say, is monotonous, and it did not seem to be challenged. Challenge this observation may be, but not 'of the same things Soviet era. " Just a really important thing in the film - the feelings and emotions of the characters. There are two kinds of love shows, and shows a very reliable, but not annoyingly, cinematic. Sometimes even too kinematograchifno, as I mentioned above. And what about the 'infinity timing' and 'uniformity interiors' ... If these little things distract, then to what you can not understand the idea of ​​the film, to which the porridge in your head, when you pay attention not to the fact that the director wanted to say, and interiors. Personally, I did not touch them in any way - except that I noticed them as actors persons environment. Even many cutaways installation with pictures of the Moscow autumn puddles, brush mountain ash and so on. Is not irritated, but rather complement the impression of the film. Here, these seemingly unnecessary frames filled voids necessary - that the action did not develop as quickly
But, unfortunately, to review the film again, I do not dare, I guess.. If I knew when you first view that the motion picture is not perfect - I'm afraid it will be more disadvantages at Jabneh recapitulation ... So I just put
8 of 10
and continue on this retrospective Ryazanov on
the acting is fine, but sometimes, no matter how scary sounds, unconvincing :. somehow I do not believe that Novosel mumbles in embarrassment, I do not he seemed to be drunk. must have a different role Myagkova mingled I - Respect all other artists. Do not hesitate to such an assessment - I just abstracted from their names. After all, it is harmless and Freundlich and Basilashvili and Akhedzhakova evaluate as they really deserve, but not so loud as their name!
P. S. I am surprised, looking at the women workers of the statistical agencies ... I thought, these beauties in the Union was not

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