"Office Romance" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Already as soon as you hear the melody, you can see views of Moscow, taken by legendary Eldar Ryazanov, feel the most heat, which again and again gives us the movie "Office Romance". Involuntarily sing along: "In my heart there is no peace, all day I'm waiting for someone ... '. And what's the difference, for the umpteenth time, a hundred and twenty-fifth or forty-three, you turn on this film? And what with the fact that you already know everything by heart
They - have long been home. And this touching a child with a mustache named Anatoly Efremovich. And 'our mymra' Prokofy Lyudmilovna, more precisely, of course, Lyudmila Prokofyevna. Olga and sentimental. And Samohvalov. And fashionista Vera, whose 'toilets are completely foreign. " And the noisy, funny Shura, which is and would like to hand over 50 cents and sign, if only behind.
Lyudmila Prokofyevna. Comes to work earlier than others, leave 'when Doorman begins to rattle the keys'. Mymra you call it? This is what was the level of the authorities in the Soviet era, when it mymra? This intelligent, educated, fully developed woman, who knows not only figures and tables, but also the creativity of Pasternak, and mushrooms also understands - unless mymra? Yes, he launched himself, can neither walk nor dress, because it can not see its beauty, nor external, nor, most importantly - the inside. We did not yet know what will be the heads of today. Vasilyeva as Renata Henrihovna in the film 'Waiting for a miracle "- that is mymra. And Lyudmila Prokofyevna - Director from God. In my opinion. It is capable of change, well you all know how we appeared Lyudmila Prokofyevna at the end.
And her wise phrase 'thing to do is to engage in serious, or not do it at all!' 'Read other people's letters cruel!' . And other
would seem - well, how can there be sympathy between Ludmila and Anatoly Prokofyevna Efremovich. And he, too, like everyone else, said Kalugin not that mymra - he is afraid of it, even once again appear in the eyes. His life seems hopeless race 'from payday to payday. " He loves his children, but these spinogryzov almost drove him to handle. The clay eating, the door without asking color, the cat lowered into the pipe. He just can not explode between them and the work, as a result it is impossible to neither one nor the other. 'With reports something screwed up', 'Vova spits, bonehead!', And no end in sight. Olya, and even brisk Samohvalov, his classmate, who suddenly becomes deputy Kalugin, sure - well, who was appointed head of the department 'logenkoy' industry is not Novoseltseva? Yuri is taken to help him. With this all begins.
But, as is often the case? Suddenly! Kalugin was suddenly burst into tears when Novoseltseva, while someone else will never be able to afford it. And to beat it? A Novosel began to lie and dodge, though everyone knew, and he knew that he is not capable. Just so you can often see on these things, that between these seemingly well, even purely physically incompatible personalities, two different poles how can something be? They themselves do not believe. It turns out, can.
And the whole movie we see a romantic image of mutual transformation and Novoseltseva Kalugin, but not only. Why are verochkiny clarify the relationship with her lover on the phone, the separation, the reconciliation? A letter Rizhova Samokhvalova and intervention Shura, which, as a public figure, "wanted to help '?
What can you say about the cast? This is not the structure - it is the brightest galaxy of personalities, which together make up a unique team, a unique team. Alisa Freindlich - this is Ludmila Prokofyevna. Andrew tender - as if he were the same Zhenya Lukashin, accidentally wandered into another film, so much so in it, and the rest ... exactly the same modest, timid simpleton, which is proving to be 'tough nut'. On the role of Vera and Natalya Kustinskaya auditioned many other actresses with the spectacular appearance, but the secretary was such a very colorful. This fashionista with discreet appearance, but which all admired and with which all the tips, which 'boots should be taken' and 'what are today'? But Oleg Basilashvili - a typical, as it is now said, 'New Russian' arrogant schemer, who, he thinks, are allowed all for the mere fact that he was in Switzerland and has a home device called 'Mobile' and all distributes on the block 'Marlboro', which at that time was an inaccessible luxury. And Shura, in which 'it is necessary to plow', which 'brought to public work, and can not push back. " Lyudmila Ivanova, and the truth was the chairman of the local committee, and as the episode genius has transformed this, in general, a nasty shrill old woman in one of my favorite characters, without which it can not imagine the film. The decoration of the film began and Svetlana Nemolyaeva, which are tearful and sentimental roles.
"Office Romance" has long become a classic of Russian cinematography. Kind, somewhat naive, somewhat cautionary tale by Eldar Ryazanov. After seeing it, you can feel sad that there is no longer such Kalugin as boss, and so Anatoly Efremovich do not shine. In general, these films look so, for the soul, for the mood. And over the years, I want to see only bigger.
few words to say about the remake. To be honest, decent words I have. To me, at all - worst film in history. The more pleasant to revise the original!
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