"Office Romance" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I can not say exactly when I first looked Office romance. And I do not remember whether it was March 8 ... But now, none of March 8 is not complete without the film! It has become a tradition - watch having an affair with the family, eating favorite cake with tea ... And this year, despite the fact that I was away from home, watching a favorite Soviet comedy will be the main point in my daily routine
festive! If there were no statistics, we would not even know how we're doing.
plot develops in one of the many statistical institutions in Moscow. It runs a divorced forty Efremovich Anatoly Novosel. It directs the institution strict and principled Prokofyevna Ludmila Kalugin, which all employees are called mymra. Novosel, forced one to feed the children, hoping to obtain a position as head of the department. His longtime friend Youri Samohvalov appointed Deputy Kalugin, offers another look after mymra to get a job. Novosel reluctantly agrees, without waiting for the consequences this will
... Sometimes I wonder what movie filmed in the Soviet Union. Drama, comedy, war, the film adaptation - all filmed with such diligence. I do not know, they guessed that this movie is not only not forgotten generation of the '70s, but it will be reviewed with interest the next generation. That such problems will remain relevant, and the film - a favorite after all these years ... Although the topic is not new, and there are a lot of movies where the main character of a dispute, or despair trying to care for, it would seem, is not an attractive main character, but then he appeared to her to her true feelings. And yet, the second film as an office romance is gone - how these situations are ridiculous, unbelievable, touching, exciting, that you laugh, cry and experience as the first time! He also reminds us of what should be a woman - who can forget the lessons from Vera ?!
We call it "our mymra". . Of course, for your eyes
Alisa Freundlich - here I can only exclaim in admiration: Oh, what an actress! One of the pluses of the film - it is a game. This combination of strong, cold, unfeeling and closed at the same time, a lonely and unhappy woman - does not succeed every actress and she plays with some skill - makes from the first minute to believe that she was the director of the institution and may lead them. And in the moment when she first cried for a long time - how can you not feel sorry for her! Now I want to see it in other famous Soviet films and, even more, on the stage of BDT!
If today someone else dies or is born, I'll stay without dinner.
Andrew Mjagkov - revising Ironically, every time I am amazed as glasses, mustache and hairstyle can change a person! If it were not the voice, I would be hard to believe that the soft starred in these films ... His game - the next, plus this. This modest, shy, quiet, I call it can only Anatoly Efremovich or friend Novosel. And if you do not pay attention to this enormous stiffness, clumsiness, we see understanding, sincere, loving person who is a mountain behind his friends and trying to make them happy
-. When I see her, my right leg give way
-. and you do not stop, you sit down

Oleg Basilashvili -! chief handsome movie Jurassic Samohvalov, who arrived and immediately began to show foreign news. I can imagine how he envied all the time in '77 - imported cigarettes, stick with different colors, the smart car, the player in the car! And it was thanks to him that the story begins, it was just his idea - priudarit Kalugin. Beautiful, elegant, but still a realist and understands that the past will not return ...
What I love Olga, because she is an optimist. A globe is known to twirl it optimists
Svetlana Nemolyaeva -. Olya Ryzhov, an old friend and Novoseltseva Samohvalova. Always sunny, smiling, sweet, and today it seems to me that Svetlana has not changed. The only pity is that about her feelings for Yuri and her writings finds the entire department, and it becomes the main subject of backbiting ... And act Kalugin, that these rumors have to stop, rather than dictated by the desire to establish order, and sympathy for Ola.
you're a woman, not a martinet. Spicy, spicy! And playful smile! Actually, let men think you are all right. Breathe. Elegant plastic! You do not have to kick. You do not pacer, and a woman
Leah Akhedzhakova -. Unforgettable secretary Vera. In addition to the gossip and squabbles with her ex-husband, with whom she had long talks on the phone, Vera - is a fashion guru whose advice relevant to this day
It's Shura!. Cute, but, unfortunately, active. Once its brought to public work and since then can not possibly push back
Lyudmila Ivanova -. Hyperactive Shura, who cares if all the money handed over to the next birthday-anniversary -godovschinu-funerals (underline). And it can only stop the legendary phrase: you ... Go to the accounting !!!
As for humor - needless to say that the film has long pulled a quote that phrase became winged, that they know, even those who have never seen the movie? Here are many famous phrases and jokes:
This is Vera. It is curious, like all women, and feminine, all secretaries
-. Do not hit me on the head, this is my sore point
-! This is your blank space
- Can you imagine Bublikov died
-! Why die? I did not give such an order ... How died

-? Chest forward
-! Chest? Vera, you flatter me
-. You flatter all

Stop crying.! What do you, you do not put on a post
-. And to me it is only thirty-six
-. As a thirty-six
-? Yes, yes, I'm younger than you Anatoly Efremych, and how much I look
-? at the thirty-five ... ...

All otklyachila in unit start up here, all skukozhilas like an old ragged shoe and here - on the scratching work as if hammering piles
What else will remain for centuries -. it is music written by Andrei Petrov. Music that can not be forgotten - Morning Dance Memories, Fall, Fashion Dance ... And the songs that I know by heart, and which themselves sing Alisa Freundlich and Andrew Mjagkov - My soul rest no, there is no bad weather, Flew past poppies ...
Usually I do not need a special occasion to reconsider favorite film. But there are exceptions - when I note any holiday, for example. Eighth March to the long tradition I review office romance, because there is another film that would also strongly associated me with this holiday (or I have not yet found). And if you are looking for, what to see March 8, the office romance - a win-win
10 of 10
Congratulations to all the women, girls and girls with the bright spring holiday March 8 !

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