"Office Romance" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Since 1956, when the screens of the Soviet Union came a commemorative film "Carnival Night", each subsequent film Eldar Ryazanov became a hit at all times. Remember just such wonderful films as "Zigzag of Luck", "Beware of the Car" or the immortal "Irony of Fate", without which it's been around for decades can not do any New Year's celebration. As for the last film in this list, the Ryazan and did not expect that will produce so grand furore and forever will write his name in the national cinema hall of fame. Moreover, party officials, famous for its vigilant censors decided to finally give Ryazanov necessary creative freedom, but because of its follow-up project has turned out exactly the way the director saw it, without harassment, restrictions and prohibitions. Thus in 1977, the screens out one of the best era films phenomenally successful, quoted and read absolutely all generations of viewers «Office romance», which is not able to dislodge from people's memory is no remake. This project turned out to be put on the play "Colleagues", which was written by Ryazanov, in collaboration with his colleague the same playwright Emil Braginsky . Also in the "Office Romance" hit and old friends the director of "Twist of Fate» - Leah Akhedzhakova and Andrew Mjagkov . I think that comment is superfluous - their next film together could not become a classic
So, subject of the film introduces us to an ordinary employee of the statistical department Anatoly Efremovich Samokhvalov (soft), from which he and his wife went! forced to own two children. And it will agree, is not easy. The only possibility to change the hero's life for the better - such a welcome boost. However, at work Novoseltseva not so simple. His boss, tough and domineering Ludmila Kalugin (Alisa Freundlich), nicknamed "mymra" does not see in Anatolia Efremovich no prospects, and therefore completely refuses to appoint him head of the department. However, the situation radically changes when becoming Deputy Kalugin Novoseltseva longtime friend, a handsome handsome haughty Yuri (Oleg Basilashvili), which has thrown the protagonist idea of ​​courting his superiors. Novosel initially refuses to woo Kalugin, moreover, that in appearance it is not the ultimate dream of a man, but a difficult financial situation forces him to step back a little principles. However, what began as a purely mercantile interest, subsequently developed into a true love, which erases all barriers and brings together two very dissimilar people ...
Picture Eldar Ryazonova divided into several plotlines led to the difficult history of relations between Kalugin Novoseltsev. A distinctive feature of this part of the narrative and the film as a whole is that the creators really take the audience for the soul, because they are the product of different striking sincerity, and acting in general is beyond praise. The protagonist of the picture wonderfully embodied Andrew Mjagkov . For it is no longer a novelty to play the most ordinary person, who is not averse to strike a cruel fate, but he repeatedly rises from his knees, and not seek to reach dizzying heights. All you need his hero, Novoseltseva is a slight increase, which can dramatically change his life not very demanding. Only now Ryazanov and Braginsky had plans to Novoseltseva and gradually the picture becomes an extraordinary love story in which the location and really sincere feelings, unexpected revelations, and even betrayal. As for the Alice Freundlich , then it is not inferior to his partner, and in some ways even surpasses it. Brilliant actress embodied on the screen one character, but with a kind of split personality. At first we meet Ludmila Kalugin simple brown suit, glasses on the floor face and unpretentious hairdo demonstrating boss asceticism in all its glory. Kalugin did not like talking to colleagues on the souls, to go into the working party and, of course, flirting is something unlawful for her. But since, as "mymra" began to show considerable interest in fellow Novosel, the heroine begins to blossom just in front. Kalugin was transformed from a "gray mouse" in a "beautiful swan", following the latest trends in fashion and starts to communicate with their wards from scratch! Watch heroine Alice Freundlich is a pleasure, because the actress has given in addition to external changes in their way of considerable dramatic depth, saturate it with multiple little things that create the necessary volume for such a complicated character.
No less vivid relations connect and Yuri Samohvalova, character Oleg Basilashvili , which in addition to Novoseltseva meets in his new job and his old love, charming Olga Ryzhov by Svetlana Nemolyaeva . He is happy in the marriage, and she has been married for many years. But if Samohvalov only light nostalgic past years, the newly lit Ryzhov contrary to his longtime friend hot feelings. Unhappy woman greatly confused in his feelings and does not know how to stop it. Ryzhov can not afford to destroy their family life, because it can directly affect his career, in turn hero Basilashvili. I think you can guess, and that the same will choose the man - a successful work and prospects or old love, the ability to destroy a lot. And in this storyline dramatic picture rises to a maximum height and indifferent interchange stories Samohvalova Ryzhov and not leave anyone.
Also in the picture has a lot of funny characters that go through all the twists and though briefly, but very clearly distracting the viewer attention to themselves. Thus it is impossible not to note the unique Leah Akhedzhakova in the role of secretary Vera, who despite appearances irresistible attraction to fashionable novelty can show astounding tact and understanding. And Ryazanov even managed to open her heart problems with the help of a couple of phone calls! Is not talent director? I also want to dwell separately on the irresistible social activist Shura, which is wonderfully brought to life Lyudmila Ivanova . There are people who get into any place and delve into the problems of other people, as it does not protect them. Here Shura is just such a scenario. She rushes by the department in the morning until the evening, and is committed to what others simply spit. But with all of this without the picture would not have such an original. So it should be said Lyudmila Ivanova, thank you so much!
In the end I want to say that «Office romance» triumphantly passed the test of time and for all entered the golden collection of Soviet cinema. Eldar Ryazanov, Emil Braginsky, Andrew Mjagkov, Alisa Freundlich and many other great filmmakers have allowed us to dive into the story of love and human relationships are so deeply and sincerely, as it is possible. So I advise you to go and see, or to reconsider the "Office Romance". This is a classic that never goes out of fashion!
10 of 10

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