"Office Romance" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

This classic story in our country knows probably every . A song and some replica has long been firmly established in more than one generation of domestic viewers. «Office romance» has become a real "hit" at the box office. Ryazanov could again surprise the audience. The love story of two Soviet employees, the small "extras" and his boss, was removed so sincerely and earnestly, that the whole of life, is also shown in detail in the picture, so recognizable and boring, suddenly loses all its meaning. It was amazing then, and astonishes us present-day, has long sunk his head in the way of life
Love, "accidentally nagryanuvshaya" suddenly transforms two completely different people
She -.. < i> Ludmila Kalugin Prokofyevna ( Alisa Freundlich ), «our mymra", as they call her at work, unfeminine, harsh, cold, like cobblestones. Freundlich shows remarkably unfeminine heavy gait of her character, her look - she looks like by people trying not to look them in the eye. To God forbid do not open up to anyone, so no one saw how she really bad and sad from their loneliness and their uselessness
He -. Anatoly Novosel Efremovich ( Andrew Mjagkov ), is also far from Alain Delon, in his short, ill-fitting jacket and short trousers, beneath which protrude tiptoes, as if all the awkward teenager overgrown. He - a single father with two children ( "a boy and a boy") and, as broody, I think everything about what to feed them, what to wear
friend Yuri Samohvalov . ( Oleg Basilashvili ) advises Anatolia «priudarit" for "mymra" to secure a place chief of the department. And the shy, tongue-tied Novosel decided to act as a "boyfriend." So begins this unusual "office romance".
How wonderful Ryazanov and Braginsky have thought through all the "steps" of the relationship! to creatively use their favorite scheme of hatred - through play, through candor - to love . Severe Kalugin says Novoseltseva lethargic and passive employee, but he is afraid of it, "like a wolf." His awkward attempts at conversation with her (the famous inarticulate story "about mushrooms") cause she a surprise and irony. But the first time he looked look at her, when she easily guesses poems Pasternak , because this name during the Soviet era could only know the true connoisseur of literature.
After pM visiting Samohvalova the next day Novosel is dying of fear. This fear and horror remarkably played Myagkov : timid marking the door boss and trying to pronounce her name (it turns out that something like «Prokofiev Lyudmilovna» ), and its meaningless inarticulate lies ( «We love you ... somewhere deep down» ). Resistant Ludmila Prokofyevna does not stand up, and it happens hysterical. In fact, she wanted to cry for a long time. All these long lonely nights and lonely holidays - just wanted to cry and cry. She currently does not allow, he squeezed themselves into a fist. And suddenly here - unclenched. She was crying and revealed to this foolish and narrow-minded Novoseltsev , which suddenly becomes friends and family at this moment. Because he regrets it. And yet, probably because she feels he does not rush immediately to retell the other all that heard here. He is kind. Novosel in shock and from its revelations, and because she was crying like a "normal person." And because she's only 36. And they all call her "old lady" ... For the first time he looks at the "old woman" with different eyes - as a woman. An unusual woman, very intelligent and sincere
farther -. The more such discoveries. And Kalugin is not "nekrasavitsa» - camera catches her amazing intelligent eyes, her wonderful sly smile . And through the mask "mymry" are already beginning to show through the features of a beautiful young woman. Kalugin is interested in fashion, takes lessons from a local "style icon", the secretary Vera . Enchanting appearance transfigured by love Kalugin in your own institution - one of the best scenes in the film. It goes, radiant, triumphant, real beauty, bathed in goggles and admiring glances, and her happiness bright light floods all around .
secretary Vera ( Leah Akhedzhakova ), the woman of fashion and flirt. It is surprising that this role Ryazanov did not take any model, choose a small, a very non-standard appearance Akhedzhakova . But when she shows how a real woman should go - then just resting Claudia Schiffer. I think the lessons Vera is not a lady were helpful.
Another love line, in contrast to the line Kalugin and Novoseltseva - unhappy. Sweet dreamer and optimist Olechka Ryzhov ( Svetlana Nemolyaeva ) on the trouble met his student love Jura Samohvalova , and all forgotten feelings suddenly broke out again. But only her. And he - all right, young wife, a business trip to Switzerland, a great car and apartment, good job. Why here Olechka , with its memories of his impoverished youth? She remembers the old Yurochka , cheerful and generous, and does not see how much he has changed. Lovers are blind. it is very well inserted poem Akhmadullina «Oh, my shy hero ...» , which is fine reads Nemolyaeva . the heroine of pain passed better than any of monologues and scenes.
Every time I want to again and again to enjoy the wonderful music and Andrei Petrov, and poetic city filming her sudden fall from the first snow, and all of this wonderful high harmony, reigning in the film.
Alice Brunovna in this film, even when dressed and behaved like mymra still beautiful. As for the credibility of so many people watching this movie with nostalgia those days. What to do when the film came out! It went departments, teams, classes. What they said in public transport? About «office romances» . Strongly denounced Samohvalova , adored Myagkova and Freundlich, sorry Nemolyaeva . A Akhedzhakova and still stayed with her pearls in our lives - «So good boots, should be taken", "Well, everything is clear, everything is clear .. Unsuccessful legs need to hide ... under the maxi "," blazer - blazer. Housing culture or what? There can also be "" It is certainly possible and hare teach smoking. Nothing is impossible ... for a person with intelligence ... "" Yes you have to plow ... » . You can transfer indefinitely.
I love our old movie, at my house to collect a huge film library. Is there and early paintings Ryazanov . The natural and gentle film! Good actors, great music. This film by - really good and life . No frills, and the acting forces to smile! Simple and sincere - look it up and have a rest. The film is very positive. Many subtle humor, even in gestures Myagkova and Freundlich . Despite the fact that watched it countless times, during each new viewing discovering more and more jokes. A remarkable film. Good and believable. One of the best films of Eldar Ryazanov. Never gets old kind of movie.
10 of 10

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