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We refer closely to the above matter on the application of student visa while still here in Australia yet you are a Belgium citizen. We again refer to your interview with Bob Lee the migration agent on March 17th, 2017.

We greatly confirm with confidence your instructions to offer advice to you on your alternative of applying for student visa while still residing in Australia. It is with great honor to inform you that your verification documents are being business processed in migration office located at 135 Chase Street, and other subsidiary offices located at 136 Chase Street Australia.

You advised us that you needed a student visa while still residing here in Australia. You dropped also verification documents to migration office via migration agent by the name Bob Lee enquiring on student visa verification. You also signed document suggesting you compliance with Australian laws of the land once we have issued you with student visa. The receipts you used to pay the levy fee and all the requirements are available in migration office. You also indicated interest to join dual citizenship for the purpose of the same. In addition, we have seen your interest to further your education here in Australia. Following all these information and demand, the office of migration will provided concrete advice.

According to the student visa amendment Act of 2017, we consider your application as prima parse valid and our advice to you is based on these important information and instructions.

Dual citizenship:

For those individuals having dual-citizenship, they tend to have a greater advantages than the rest of the individuals. The amendment Act of 2017 on student visa verification and issuance in Australia asserts that dual-citizens need to be provided with student visa immediately upon application unless their documents are in question.

In case you need student visa immediately, then you need to register as a dual citizen. This will be better for you toward application of student visa. The validation of a student visa for a dual citizen is much longer compared to other single citizens (Koser, 2007). marketing, it will offer you other chances and opportunities associated to dual-citizenship apart from faster student visa application and issuance.

Adherence to the laws relating to issuance of student visa:

For your case, since you require the student visa while on Australia which is not a place of citizenship, the law is very clear on the procedures to be followed. After you are awarded with student visa, all the laws of the land in Australia must be followed to the letter. Any violation of these laws relating to the issuance of this student visa will apply to you at all means possible.

It is important to inform to you the importance of adhering to the laws corresponding to issuance of student visa. In case the law finds you violating these rules and regulations, the three implications may happen. First, the student visa may become nullified hence becoming null and void as far as documentation is concerned. Secondly, a hefty fine may be imposed on you. Lastly, the government may decide to deport you back to Belgium whichever is earlier (Frank, 2013). Having arrived in Australia on 17th of March 2017, the law governing the issuance of student visa will completely be in favor of you. Initially, the application, verification of applicant documents and issuance of student visa took much time. More than two months could elapse before an individual is granted the student visa. However, the good thing in your case is the amendment done on the issuance of student visa. According to the document Act of Australian government, it is a requirement by the law to provide student visa in the next two days upon the day of application.

This letter of advice relate to the application of student visa by you Aimee Bergeron. This office is satisfied that you are on working holiday visa in Australia. Therefore we advise you to provide all the relevant documents to student visa registrar plus levy fee. The student visa can be collected from our offices in the next few days.

Our recommendation to you is to continue with the application of student visa so as to assist you in working holiday visa here in Australia.

In case you have any questions or would like the office of migration to help you in any manner please don’t hesitate to call our office.


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