"October Sky" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In October 1957, there was an event of epochal significance. The Soviet Union for the first time in the history of mankind on the Earth's orbit has launched the first "Sputnik" October 4, 1957 ...
From this day life Homer Hickam (Jake Gyllenhaal) has changed. He 'sick' space. Now his dream was to build his own rocket and the escape of a small mining town, a future life in which only leads to the mine.
'I stood and watched as the' Sputnik 'drew sky, and somewhere in another corner of the world looking at him who -That also saw the same thing ... '
Nobody believes that a simple boy from a small town capable of something like that ... Homer soon begin to help friends and teacher, Miss Riley (Laura Dern), which Homer called to follow a dream.
'Sometimes do not listen to what others say. You should listen to yourself ... '
Of course, not everything right the first time. And at first the guys chase defeat after defeat, but they do not give
-'A you do not give up .. '
-'. I have no right '
Boys need to win the science fair and get scholarships, to go! to college. Homer helped people from all over the town: they watched as he launches rockets, they experienced. The only person who did not believe in Homer - is his father, John (Chris Cooper), I think it's all nonsense and just child's play. John was a miner, mainly in the mine. According to him this is a real job, 'with the help of carbon steel do if it were not there will be in our country.'
'closer to the goal - does not mean to achieve it: reaching a single step, you can find a gulf that not go. ' Homer meets the gulf near the end of his triumphant way ... Will it have Homer achieve their dreams or not? If I can get out of town, where his life is doomed?
good film would not have been good, if not actors. A little bit about them:
Jake Gyllenhaal plays the main character of Homer, a boy who does not want to 'go with the flow of the river', and dreams of a different life. Hero Gyllenhaal Homer Hickam simple teenager, who like everyone loves to have fun with your friends and do not like homework for school. His idol Wernher von Braun (German, and since the end of the 1940s - American designer of rocket and space technology), which he writes letters and 'childish' wants to meet with him. Jake is perfectly possible to play such living, dreaming and mysterious guys (as in the film 'Donnie Darko' or 'The Good Girl') and this film once again that belief. That smile, those eyes, a kind of mystery to them ... Gyllenhaal's crazy not only their appearance, but also a wonderful actor playing.
Chris Cooper starred in this movie, the boy's father. His hero is John just in love with his work, ie the mine. Sometimes it seems that even the family it in second place after work. Sons, he always says the same thing: 'You go to the mine.' He does not want to understand that for them mine - it is not a good life and a fascinating work for them is hell. Hero Cooper correct, serious, fairly strict, but a little stubborn man. Cooper was able to play such a wonderful father. The highest score this wonderful actor and the film, of course. Fortunately, since I think it is not only because the film was nominated for 11 awards, of which received a 3 (as for me so had to get all eleven), including the Critics Choice 2000 award year for the Best family film. Jake Gyllenhaal was nominated for a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for 1999.
What is most interesting is the fact that the film is based on real events in 1957 and is biographical. And in the end, we learn many interesting things about the life of Homer after his 'children' fun with rockets.
'Man grows in proportion as its goal increasing.' - Schiller
you are not wasting your time if you decide to see this movie
10 of 10

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