"October Sky" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I stood and watched as the rocket charted the sky, and somewhere at the other corner of the Earth on it viewed someone else and saw the same thing. And then I realized that our little town - this part of the world. (©)
film completely justifies its rating, supported by lots of enthusiastic reviews. First of all, I want to say that the picture is really impressive. From the first frame it becomes clear that you will have an unforgettable story. When viewing the October sky felt inflow of spiritual force, but at the same time it comes weakness, and it's amazing. Such films have long since become a rarity in modern cinema, and this becomes very sad.
What is this movie? It is a dream. And even if it is extremely difficult to implement in reality, but the person having the dream, is the real purpose for which to live. And even if most people do not see any benefit from it and chanting that it will never take place. But the man who really believes in himself and in his idea, will always achieve the desired, despite all the problems and difficulties. As I stated in a very good film -: " Miracles occur when a person risks everything for a dream that apart from him no one sees ."
It is a miracle happening to a young man living in a small mining town called - Kolvud. In this godforsaken place people have little chance of getting a desired job, which would like to do all my life. All would be good, because most of the residents of this town do not grieve because of their position. But one day, one guy named Homer Hickam sees a grand flight of the satellite, into the same moment he has a crazy dream - to build his own rocket. After the incident, he could not put up with waiting for his bleak future. Homer makes every effort to realize his dream in life, which so suddenly lit up his path. Needless to say how many troubles and trials he had to undergo for the sake of it and at what cost, he achieved his goal. Yet, he overcame. This young man was able to reach incredible heights, was able to climb to the top of the world, almost without any help. This can not but elevate it in my eyes.
not want to talk about the technical side of the film, it's so out of place, we are talking about such inspiring work. There are not so important technology, how to choose the style, sincere acting, and the right music. Undoubtedly, the painting has all three aspects. The film goes slowly, but not delayed. All the characters are revealed just brilliant, it makes the film as realistic as possible. On only one thing I can say the game of actors - a long time I have not seen such a stunning game. Well, is dreamy and slightly wistful face very young Jake Gyllenhaal can not touch? I would, without hesitation, gave him the Oscar. No worse than played and Chris Cooper . An excellent actor who perfectly coped with this role. Who else could turn this principle, a rigorous, but still a loving father. I can not mention, and actors such as: Laura Dern, Chris Owen, Elya Baskin, Natalie Kenerdey . In general, the film is filled with a remarkable actor's game.
Well, brilliant music, I'll highlight a whole paragraph. It's no secret that well selected songs allow us to picture, in particular drama, incredibly sensual and truly touching. October Sky - a vivid example of such work. Leading soundtrack simply incomparable, thank you Mark Ayshemu, in his life, he wrote a huge number of amazing tunes. His music has been used in a variety of genres. In my opinion, this is one of his best works. Bravo.
At the end, once again I want to say that the picture turned out incredibly strong, she has countless advantages. A story told in it, hardly anyone indifferent. This is largely the success of the actors, in many respects the talent of the director and composer. But still, if not the desire to Homer Hickam to implement his cherished dream, we would never have seen this wonderful film.
9 of 10
P.S. The film turned out so strong, inspirational ending, that after it I wanted to do something special, it is possible to build and launch their own rocket.

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