"October Sky" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

... October 1957. Inhabitants of a small mining town in West Virginia Koulvud shocking and at the same time pleased with the news of the Soviet Union launched the first artificial Earth satellite. However, they were happy for long: it was necessary to return to the routine work in the coal mines, which are some, however, are quite interesting. Managing mine John Hickam (Chris Cooper), for example, simply can not live without this work. Mr. Hickam sure that both sons eventually continue his work. However, when the game came out, Sr., received for excellence in sports scholarships for college, all hope John has shifted to the younger. However, he has other plans in this regard. Seventeen year old Homer Hickam (Jake Gyllenhaal), inspired by the flight of satellites as well as the successes of Wernher von Braun's rocket, hit on the idea to launch its own rocket. This is his zeal was not like his father, who does not understand the aspirations of his son to leave Koulvuda, but Homer supports the natural sciences teacher Miss Riley (Laura Dern) and his friends, who also contracted the idea to change his predetermined fate.
Surprisingly, this The movie is based on real events. More precisely, it not just based on: an adaptation of the book of former NASA engineer Homer Hickam called «Rocket Boys» (which is an anagram of «October Sky»), which once topped the list of best-selling "New York Times". However, paying tribute to the genre of family movie, directed by Joe Johnston still made some reverence toward fiction and certain canons screen: for example, added the protagonist three years and removed from the story of several characters. In fact, all it does not matter, because in Johnston and writer Lewis Colic turned out really good and truthful film - sort of a modern parable that if very much believe in the dream and do everything that depends on you, it will come true . Maybe it sounds corny, and even naive, but movies like "October Sky", really led to believe that "nothing is impossible for a person with intelligence." Of course, the desire of the protagonist to escape from the routine mining town, where in terms of the future there is only one vague alternative - to become the best player in college football and get a scholarship, shown here simply, without unnecessary steps to the right and left, and the same item can be carry and predictability of some plot turns, light fiction diluted share for greater expressiveness Hickam stories: for example, in real life Hickam never met his idol von Braun, as shown in the film. There is a desire directed once again to make the audience believe in the fairy tale, which, nevertheless, has a rational core. Indeed, throughout the film never sounded notes of hypocrisy or insincerity, and, surprisingly, it does not seem pathetic. The film is permeated with a light mood of belief in a better future, which man creates himself, and it makes not thinking about what is really appalling was surrounded protagonist reality.
In fact, the film rests on the two heroes who defend the opposite point of view on life, and actors who perform these roles, coped with their task perfectly. In spite of the textbook, the image of a stern father Homer, played by Chris Cooper, turned out quite significant. Cooper - a wonderful actor, and his game deserves only the highest ratings. John Hickam literally live mine and considers it his calling, casually saves comrades during falls, but does not approve of hobbies son, because he wants a better life, as he understands it. Pleased and Jake Gyllenhaal, whose role in this film has fallen almost to the very beginning of film career. His Homer - a quiet boy, whose romantic dreams about the conquest of outer space leads to the definition of purpose in life, and in this role, Gyllenhaal looks very cute and touching. I would also like to note the role of Laura Dern in a positive mood teacher boys. Despite the fact that the episodes with her participation is small, it played a fairly bright, the image is stored.
Overall, Joe Johnston turned in all respects, a positive film on which the poor and do not say anything. Not a masterpiece, but the calm is a sincere film about the life values ​​that you need to look in a good mood. Then it gets even better.
8 out of 10

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