"October Sky" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Each of the fan of the movie in the list of favorite works in addition to the mandatory "check-points", the universally recognized masterpieces, whose status is no one cause doubt (well, there is "Citizen Kane" and "Wings of Desire"), have to be at least a couple such tapes as "October sky" - cute, little films affection which is not particularly afishiruesh, but sincerely and dearly loved, and as a result are regularly reviewed. Chura philosophical investigations and strained symbolism, these pictures are usually bribed honesty, humanity and simplicity of presentation that certainly is not acceptable for the diehard intellectuals, but it is quite suitable for people convinced that the films must not only analyze but also feel.
based on a true story and tells the inspiring story of a man striving for his dream, the best film by Joe Johnston is embedded in a series of similar paintings themselves family with a common leitmotif of all-conquering power of faith himself ( 'The Greatest Game Ever Played', 'Billy Elliot', 'Searching for Bobby Fischer' - and this is just the best of them). In addition to the precocious talent and the initial rejection of society (passing, as a rule, after the first successes), heroes of these films combine a complex relationship with their fathers. It does not matter whether they support the aspirations of his son or not. Parents often perceive the child as a kind of second chance, an opportunity to correct their own mistakes, but because, in spite of the sincere desire to share the precious experience, no longer see the true aspirations of their offspring, thereby limiting his freedom and, in response, an abscess on a natural young generation rebellion. In 'October Sky' age-old problem of 'fathers and sons', of course, is one of the central places. Homer Hikom performed quite yet young Jake Dzhellenhola sees his hobby rocket building is not only a way to escape from the gray reality of a small mining town, but also a real chance to break into the world, away from the dying Kolvuda where your life is painted in advance and does not promise anything but heavy and thankless work underground. But even the ability to get a scholarship, do not think his father Homer (played by his wonderful actor Chris Cooper), a weighty argument, and it continues to consider occupation son nothing more than indulgence, hoping that Homer would follow in his footsteps and become a miner (Cooper, by the way, carries on films about people of this profession, if you suddenly saw a beautiful 'Matewan' John Sayles - immediately MEND). The confrontation with the father, of course, was not the only obstacle our hero on the way to his goal: here you and ridicule classmates, and the lack of facilities, and problems with the law, and finally, the heavy blows of fate (after his father Homer was confined to bed, he still had to go down into the mine, which, however, only increased the zeal of Man, any valuable achieve his).
to a significant plus of the film can be attributed as the attention to minor details (we will show in detail the way from the blasted fence to maminogo first finally soaring rocket), and the presence of the moments from the series' purpose you can imagine. " What is worth at least a scene where Homer with friends in order to earn the money necessary to buy an expensive meterial, decide to pass on the scrap rails now closed railway. Do business, uproot a few pieces, the guys happy, located next - when suddenly the sound of the approaching train immediately dispelled their confidence in the harmlessness of this lesson. Vainly trying to hoist the rails in place, the boys rushed to the train, hoping to warn the driver of the cliff path ... rather dry sounding in the retelling, the scene at the first viewing has caused me so much genuine emotion, as is able to provide every football match.
such a strong immersion in the film is possible only with the unconditional symbiosis between genuine literary basis, heartfelt acting and directing attentive. Although a more appropriate epithet for Joe Johnston - inspirational. The man who made his debut as a director with the caller pleasant nostalgic feeling picture "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids", demonstrated this time all the facets of his talent: a masterly handling with stamps and confident feeling frame, Johnston has not stinted on humor and fully used the prerogative of any at the same time film about 50 - rock-and-roll soundtrack (amazing song "Is not That a Shame" and "Speedoo" unconditional steel decoration film). Excellent work with the actors and scattered here and there the director's findings (nice reference to the famous photograph of US soldiers on Iwo Jima, for example) - a couple of points in the treasury of Joe Johnston
Yet the main thing in "October Sky" -. It definitely the strongest of optimism, is not achieved through vented out of consciousness in a matter of hours, a succession of jokes-jokes, but at the expense of the right to tell with all the ups and downs, heartfelt stories, becoming a half hour an integral part of you and c sobnoy cause a person to at least think about some changes in his life. And it is well worth it.

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