"October Sky" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I was born in the north, in the mining town where the only decent place to work underground was "hell", in which every day down, my grandfather, and then my dad went there too and my uncle. It is considered the norm, and the money paid good, so that working people do not complain, because to go the extra was nowhere to go.
History Homer, our hero, begins in October 1957, it is absolutely in the same town with the same people who are trying to survive in a difficult, post-war period, in addition, has already begun a new, not seen before got "cold" war. Homer ordinary teenager who hangs out with his friends after school, spend their time aimlessly. And all because he and his friends already know their fate, it is a foregone conclusion, after graduating from school, they all go to the mine, which will explode, ground, crushed stone to millions of Americans could sleep in the warmth. The only thing that remains a mystery to them, they will soon die there, under the ground. Death on mine common, work hard, and very dangerous. In cities, the profession of "miner" passed "inherited" from father to son, from son to grandson and so on. The city is simply nothing else to do, and why, as long as the mine contains all. Everything in this town conventional, gray and monotonous. In the evening when the sun goes down and the city lights go down, lights up with a beautiful starry sky, which also does not happen something unusual, millions of stars are in a static position, waiting for their fate to be canceled. However, in the evening, there was something to see.
57go In October, the Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite, which made a major breakthrough in human life, it is a great event that marked the beginning of a new, space age. All US radio report, rather beckoning people to look at this miracle, since it can be done in the evening, but not all Americans greeted the news with enthusiasm, in the court of the "cold war" and who knows what the Russian planned. Until recently, everyone thought that the Soviet Union will take, and will throw an atomic bomb, the way it happened, but only for one person, for Homer. He was fascinated by this artificial "star", flying with such tremendous speed. Now she was here, and a minute later somewhere in Europe, and only Homer goes on, he has drawn the line that he should go and before you draw your own, he will have to go through a thorny path, beat the system and lack of understanding of his own father .
father Homer, ironically, is the owner of the mine. Loyal, strong, morally strong people, their people whom they say "real man" is very fond of his "dungeon," and everyone there fumbling, he is responsible for all who are "below", for that from their families that was for dinner and the wife got her husband back alive and unharmed. That's why my father did not understand Homer, explaining to him that why think about the sky, and when on the ground have enough problems. Older brother Homer, athletically built young man, that is not true of Homer, submits high hopes in football and can get an invitation to the College, which eventually turns out, my father was very proud of him, and sometimes seems to like a lot more of Homer. The whole town supports the efforts of young people who every day are building a new rocket, in the hope that it will fly a bit higher than yesterday. Someone help anything solder who simply support the good word, and only the father, looking at it through the prism of his favorite of mine, he loves as much as his own family.
problem of fathers and children often stands out in the film, with all countries. This was and always will be, because this topic can be a lot to say, a lot of things to show, and it will always touch those close to the problem. Father Homer, passed through the war, through all the hardships of life, who had at the time of choice, became mine slave, slave system in which there is one clear rule: "He who does not work shall not eat", and therefore it can be understood. Why, his son, spending time on unnecessary things that you can now work at the mine and get the money, do not you do everything. Father until recently did not accept a new hobby son, and every night in the house there is a scandal.
film is perfectly placed, not a single superfluous scene, no stupid and unnecessary dialogue. Also, there is not present the special effects, the whole movie is so simple and ordinary at first glance, but it is necessary to look him straight in the heart, you fall in love with him. I do not understand how Oscar passed by such a film? How was it possible not to nominate him to "Film of the Year"? Absurd.
game actors, with all perfect, I believed everything I was sympathetic to everyone. Jake Gyllenhaal great talent cinema, his youthful roles I like especially, he manages to play well misunderstood young man, an outcast of society, as it was in « Donnie Darko ». bickering scenes with the father were given particularly good director, genuine emotions on the face of each of the actors, made my heart shrink in the chest, because the lack of understanding of his own father is very regrettable.
So what exactly happened in the clear evening?
.... passing by standing zvod, satellite bursts into the life of a teenager at high speed, which is realized that not all people have a common destiny and vocation to Homer, this phenomenon compare to the atomic bomb, which blew up all the foundations that he imposed since childhood. He turned the page of his life and with redoubled force began to study another. He lit up not only themselves, but also friends with whom they gave the city of colors, which are so lacking. The guys went the hard way, but eventually won. Going for a dream, do not forget it, let it in yourself, let it become a part of you.
Homer Hickam, NASA employee in October 57go was as if called to heaven, to fulfill the most important mission of his life.
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