Ocr nationals’ enterprise and marketing level 1 ½ Essay

OCR nationals’ enterprise and marketing level 1 ½

Unit: R066

Task 2: Develop a pitch

Part 1- an explanation of the factors you must consider when planning for a pitch

Explain the factors that you need to consider when planning to deliver a pitch i.e.

Venue: The venue that I will be presenting my pitch will be at the Swanlea school assembly hall, the reason why I am choosing this venue is because it will be suitable and appropriate for the decision-making panel two members. It will be good since there are only two of them and a small size audience which would be my class mates. So I will not have to project my voice as loud if there were a big audience. I will be able to present my pitch nice and clearly for the audience. There will also be enough space for everyone to sit down and feel free and comfortable while I am presenting the pitch. This is also a benefit to me as I will have space to present the pitch of my hat design. The venue is not too big which is good since I do not have such a large audience. I will get my message across to the audience as I will speak loudly and clearly.

Audience: I will be using formal language while presenting my pitch, to look professional. I have to investigate who my audience is going to be; I have to convince them to choose my product over my competitors. I have to make my opening sentence powerful so they are already engaged in to the pitch. I will need my audience to listen and value my pitch since it will be unique. They are professionals so I have to be professional as well to be on the same level. I have to be confident when presenting my pitch to show that my product will sell and is unique, also to show that I am confident. VITA is a vital tool for my pitch as you need to use your voice to produce an extra impact, many business owners use this to make their pitch better.

Objectives: My objective for my pitch is to be delivered professionally and Cleary to the audience which is someone that is going to decide whether to take my product over my competitors. I will have to persuade them that my hat will be good for business and have loads of sales and high revenue, to ensure this I have done market research. I will need to present my promotional objective on how I will be advertising my product and brand to go publicly viral as this will increase brand awareness and also sales. I need to take it step by step to ensure everything goes to plan and works out. I may have to show evidence that I have done proper market research to support my pitch. I will have to show how my hat will meet their needs and wants as I have designed the hat based on their preferences.

Use of appropriate media: For my pitch I will be using pictures to make it more convincing and powerful. I will be showing my final hat design and how it is good and the quality material I have used for my hat which makes it a good quality hat. This is a good way to show off my hat to the audience and I will be comparing it to my competitor’s hat. I will be using PowerPoint as it is a good way to present my pitch and also it is professional. I can include way more in a power point as I can embed videos and images to present to the audience. The audience will be more engaged in the pitch if I use a power point because it will include images and it will not be boring and good for decision making.

Personal appearance: I need to look professional and dress up properly because first impression is very important. When I say ‘professional’ I mean dress up smart like I am ready for business and have a business mind set. While presenting my pitch I need to use good use of body language to the audience as I need the audience to be engaged with the pitch and take every information said respectfully and have eye contact, this will make me look more serious and also have respect from the audience. I have to ensure that I have a clear voice as I want the information to perfectly heard and obtained.

Script for pitch:

9:00am: Introducing myself to the audience and explain what I will be presenting

Hello and welcome. My name is Nahid Hussain and I will be presenting my hat to you lot that I have created for progress ahead. In this pitch I will be talking about my product and why it should be chosen and put in stock. I am privileged to be here.

9:02am: Progress ahead

I am working with progress ahead which is an organisation. They have requested to make a good hat that will sell and is good quality. They will be choosing the hat that is the best which I hope is mine. I will be showing it on my first slide.

9:04am: Presenting my brand identity

My brand name is called ‘Money up’ and it is unique since and it sounds cool. It is also different from my competitors. I will be showing you this on my second slide as you may see here.

9:06am: Presenting my slide about market research

I have done two type of researches for my hat. Primary and secondary, my primary research was done by my questionnaire and I gave it out to about 15 people as you can see on my bar chart. The results were quite phenomenal. For my secondary was done online and this was me researching about my competitor’s hats to see how mine stands out compared to theirs. In my opinion primary research is better and I have used that information.

9:08am: My hat design

This is my hat ‘money up’ and it is unique design. This hat has come out like this because of my results from my questionnaire which my potential customers have filled out. So it gives me more confidence that my hat will sell and is unique.

9:10am: The final slide will be about my hat benefits and questions from audience

How it matches my customer’s needs?

How it will look good on people?

The price range of my hat, is it reasonable?

Any questions?

Thank you for taking your time and let me present my pitch.

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