"Ocean's Eleven" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"Ocean's Eleven", as many Hollywood creations of recent years, is a remake of a film by Lewis Milestone in 1960 with Frank Sinatra and Shirley MacLaine in the lead roles. But to say that a remake of director Steven Soderbergh can not plagiarize, so in this case the relevant words of the American novelist and playwright Thornton Wilder, who once said: "I borrow from other writers. In my defense I can only repeat the words of the woman, who was tried for kleptomania: "Yes, I steal; but, Your Honor, only in the best stores. "" In justification Soderbergh can say that from the original film only the name of the picture left, the name of the main character Danny Ocean, and the idea of ​​the robbery of several Las Vegas casinos. Therefore, the film about the subject can speak as an independent director of creation, and not just another interpretation of a movie past years.
I have to say that the film I like very much, indeed, many other viewers, as evidenced by 450 million. Box office and high ratings on the same IMDB. Many film critics scold, but what us mere mortals, it's up to the critics.
course, probably mainly its popularity is obliged to cast of the film just did a crazy amount. Although big names actors definitely served the best advertising picture, they are great, and raised its budget. So from 85 million. Budget 65 mln. Went to fees only Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Matt Damon. In addition to these stars in the film involved Andy Garcia, Don Cheadle, Bernie Mac, Elliott Gould, Casey Affleck (yes, brother of Ben Affleck), Scott Caan (son of James Caan - Sonny from The Godfather), and even Lennox Lewis and Wladimir Klitschko as themselves apart from a few well-known serial actors appeared in a cameo in the scene poker games, where they taught the skill of the game Robert "Rusty" Ryan (Brad Pitt).
But, as is well known to many examples of failed paintings, the presence in the film the stars of the first magnitude, does not guarantee the quality of the film, oetomu compliments to the side directed by Steven Soderbergh, who has not released the fragile thread of direction from their hands, and was able to make of them a great onscreen team. The film is not a benefit of a single actor who steals the show, and where the rest act as backing dancers at concerts Phillip Kirkorov. On the contrary, it's hard to single out anyone in particular, so smoothly and famously played the entire ensemble cast.
Of course, in the foreground the whole movie organizers are deceitfully Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and Rusty (Brad Pitt), the on-screen duo that came just wonderful. Pitt and Clooney also friends in real life, so to play a couple befriended charming and noble robbers them out completely naturally. A dialog named Clooney, Pitt and does want to revise again and again as they cool.
supporting roles performed superbly, and each member of Ocean's team, for its own good. Most liked Matt Damon in the role of insecure pickpocket always something blasting demolition Don Cheadle, gorgeous millionaire played by Elliott Gould and constantly conflicting ready to kill each other brothers-Mormons who played Casey Affleck and Scott Caan.
Individual compliments deserves Andy Garcia, who plays Terry Benedict, the host playing facilities, which are aimed Ocean. The character played brilliantly, and although the film he seems like a negative hero, but he could not help sympathize, because of its impressive charisma. By the way his character is somewhat similar to the character of Robert De Niro, Sam "Ace" from splendid Rostinga Skorsezovskogo "Casino." The same iron business acumen, and total control of their casino, down to the smallest of moments.
How not to say a word about Julia Roberts, who played Ocean's ex-wife and current girlfriend of Benedict, which, in fact, was the cause of Danny pushed the first on the path of self-destruction, and then on the robbery. Almost all in one voice say that Roberts here is some misunderstanding, and almost the only miscalculation film. I agree with the fact that she had in the movie role of small and say that she can not be played with enthusiasm. But breeding tragedy about the fact that they say it is in this role much unnatural and spoil the film certainly can not in my opinion. Of course this is not the best of its role, and certainly not the best collaboration with Soderbergh, thanks to which the year before Roberts received her Oscar for her role as a beautiful and strong Erin Brockovich. But take it for what it is, because in the story, Danny likes her and all, even with a crooked gait.
In principle about this movie so much more you can write well, better to just look at it, if for some reason you have not watched this wonderful picture. So famously played and delivered sure that you will want to see this movie again. And most importantly do not try to find mistakes in the story for the reason that they are there enough, starting with the fact that such cool robbers do not exist. This is not a crime drama, in the end, to judge her harshly. Just enjoy light humor, cool actor and of course the fabulous Vegas.
marks on a scale
Entertainment 4+
Acting 5
producer's work 4+
Scenario 4
briefly about the film cool
Do I look so

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