"Ocean's Eleven" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The painting 'Ocean's Eleven' in due time presented its creator Steven Soderbergh in a very new way for him. Directed mainly specializing in social dramas with complex and profound themes, he moved into the mainstream and gave audience to the court real Hollywood blockbuster with one of the world's most popular stars. Immediately I deserved to imagine my personal respect, since I did not once wrote that I thought the variety and ability to create a completely different meaning and content of work - the most important advantage of any director, actor or a person associated with the arts. Soderbergh and very easy to learn in this genre, clearly demonstrating easy and exciting work, without any admixture of a superficial approach to the subject, delving into the adventure plot with a detailed elaboration of the concept, diluting new genre variety of chips and a good sense of humor. And after viewing the paintings, the viewer remains a feeling of complete satisfaction, as his kind was not deceived, as it frequently happens, just gently held the back streets of the intrigues of the most charismatic bands to venture impossible robbery, passing wisely unraveling the fine-spun ball, initially confused and indefinite plot .
But we must honestly admit that the effervescent action in the picture does not appear immediately. Moreover, almost the entire first half of the tape a few suffer from boredom - you can not say that it is impossible to get bored, but still would be to add more humor in the beginning, and then have a smooth transition to a robbery action. And planning the robbery itself at the beginning of the picture, can not boast of emotional enthusiasm and excitement - just like the passive, in contrast to the third part of the picture, but that's another story. But in any case, great actors still do not give bored, constantly disarming his audience with his charm and charisma. Here I want to highlight is undoubtedly George Clooney and Brad Pitt - first as always played with restraint, building on-screen image of the such brutal and intelligent man who knows how deep to talk at the same time giving hilarious acuity. The second, also shines as always attractive to the fairer half appearance, occasionally giving sugary mines, but is constantly disproving infantile outer inner core - the character of Pitt's real adventurer and womanizer mod. I even had the impression that Soderbergh specially invited Pitt for the role, as it were, making a parody of the stars on their own role, which naturally came out great.
Next I want to point out the role of Andy Garcia, who played the owner of the famous casinos of Los Vegas Terry Benedict. Again, getting brighter and necessary role, Soderbergh with Garcia exploit appropriate image to its fullest - imperious, biased, with an inner core of Benedict - looks bandyuganov born with a very sharp features and character. The rest of the actors, too, all in their places, and let their images are not so disclosed rather than on the main trinity, but each of them carries a separate, unlike any other character and distinctive features. And in general, I believe that the withdrawal from Soderbergh's even a cameo absolutely not a sin, as the director is required to allow a small interval of screen time, any character turn into a person. That is, even Julia Roberts is removed mainly in the lead roles, has agreed to perform a secondary role, and look great at the same time - she played the wife of Ocean that while he stayed in the prison, met with the owner of the casino, which he planned to rob. Well, another would be to abandon Roberts, because the role in Soderbergh's film 'Erin Brockovich', brought the actress a gold uncle 'Oscar'!
In the picture a lot more than a curious and interesting situations. Basically, they are all connected with the robbery scenes. Remarkably selected methods and indeed the plan of action. I do not know whether this is really done in this life, but the example is quite convincing and almost Soderbergh uses cinematic conventions, basically giving quite a plausible solution, acceptable beyond the boundaries of film sets. All these solutions are diluted with a very funny humor. For example a Chinese acrobat - well, who would have thought that the circus can come in handy in such a delicate matter as robbery? And how can, because he is able to get through the most impossible person to slit or opening, to make an accurate somersault without falling on the sensors installed, with all this being noticed. Or deep-old pensioner, has not lost its former excitement and uses ulcer as a diversionary tactic. And how do you two constantly quarreling 'brother, who are able to uboltat most vigilant protection? But my most favorite episode - this is where the Ocean leading to the room without cameras, in which it has to beat a healthy mercenary Benedict that this implies, causes a standing ovation. However, such masterpiece scenes in the film is enough!
P.S. One of the most fascinating films on the theme of robberies - 'Ocean's Eleven' is the first part of the famous trilogy by Steven Soderbergh. The picture boasts a magnificent and charismatic cast, as well as a well thought-out plot. A lot of humor, intrigue and interesting dialogues make this tape is very exciting and entertaining. But if the first half of the film would be a little more dynamic and vibrant, then prices would not be her. But overall still great!
8 out of 10

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