"Ocean's Eleven" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

When this already distant 2001 Steven Soderbergh showed up with a remake of the old dozen Ocean, which at that time played the most popular Frank Sinatra, no, in general, not much surprised, knowing Hollywood craving for reshoots. But the chair was the chief Steven Soderbergh - the director of "Erin Brockovich," "Traffic", who managed to make a large-scale project. From the story of the past little remains, and in fact the old version of the big success in his lifetime did not use. On one "velvet" Frank vyedesh, but more than in the entire decade of "The Sting" with actor capitalized Robert Redford and Paul Newman showed what he can achieve this genre (7 prizes Oscar). And Soderbergh took another is correct, the correct move. Who said that very often star of everything always spoils? In fact, the first American director has denied this myth and presented it in a very favorable light. And, in general, do look at the list of actors. Names familiar even townsfolk amateur movies there are many. But the most important - they are friends, always and everywhere, friends, have become real support in a difficult time, or just get together to play, to play for high stakes. Yes, my friends, but something is missing? ?.. What
Ocean's 11
first Danny Ocean (George Clooney), was released from prison - he is now free, but still under the supervision of an officer who should always call and report on the current situation, but Danny is not timid. Daniel Ocean - pro, he is the best wheeler-dealer, naduvatel, in the end, a beautiful thief and, finally, the organizer. Any bravado around unsuspecting victim - his strong point. He went out, he's a little, just a little bit angry over 5 years in prison, he was angry that his wife left (Julia Roberts). Shaves prickly beard, dress decent suit - he returned to play for high stakes, without any "because". And win
second Frankly, Rusty (Brad Pitt) -.. It's not "two" number and complementary reciprocity Danny's best friend on whom you can always rely on. If Ocean is officially in charge of the process and creates entirely, that is, putting the team problems, grow the proper law is the best human resource management and the most correct, successful and good area of ​​motivation, what you can imagine. The fact that Danny went to him from the very beginning, meant only one thing - Rusty far left, was away in Hollywood to teach stupid star playing professional poker. And as experience shows - unsuccessfully
third Frank -.. Just a mandatory attribute of any business. It has long been familiar with a couple of Danny / Rusty, and as a show of continuing actively worked with them before, by itself, Frank - this is the perfect polyglot under the guise of "energetic black man," as says Rusty, with miraculous speeches spiced with excellent spy skills to the introduction of the enemy lines . Well, or purpose.
Fourth. Ol 'Ruben, just like both father and mother to Danny and Rusty's in Las Vegas. He knows them personally for a long time and pulled into this gorgeous, golden world of Frank Sinatra, gilded hotels, giant fountains and streams of casino chips doroguschego dignity. In secret, in Ocean's he got to pull, but without it there is little work - the financial and information on the part of gossip center of the whole team
Fifth / Sixth Gemini Mellouny, as if it's funny.. sounds on their appearance and vocation - a pseudo-morons and spyware, it is on their shoulders most of the games played quarrels, to distract viewers uncertain, of course, that it is necessary to spend. These MORMOR (religion, mostly settled in Utah) is not so simple at first glance, cunning and insidious, and the youngest master machines for the execution of Casey Affleck and do for lack of technicians and programmers can temporarily stay in their roles.
< . i> Seventh Livingston - on a par with the most fun twins on their own character. Timid, but still bold programmer previously moonlighting FBI. . Shy, quiet, careful and very funny
Eight About Beshere can speak in different ways, but in short -. It is a universal programmer, Demoman, Engineer, Technician. Something to break, to destroy, to promote, to dig a practical use yumorkom technique ... yes, you've come to the address
Nine Kid ... Ian's character, brought together all the missing:.. Asian, master acrobat, and even given his rare speech without translation, almost dumb. Not a dwarf, and a Chinese man of small stature, which you can cram into any fitting bag, suitcase, box (right - underline)
Tenth Soul... No one suspects that kind of harmless old men hiding experienced swindler, having matched acting skills. However, when you already understand this, it's too late.
And the eleventh. Weasel Linus (Matt Damon) was here again, soon, to pull. He is a native son of the famous thief, friend, of course, with Danny Ocean. Here it's time detke gain experience and work with the pros, but not clean out pockets in the metro. The bore of it, what to say, excellent.
The performance.
representation would not be complete if it is without pomp. Just someone to beat, cheat, steal - this is not an absolute idea, given the professionalism of our specialists. This is partly can be read in the words of the leading characters that true satisfaction comes not from the achievement of goals, and by the fabulous performance of the process. It should be beautiful, original, fresh. Only then scam gets its final, grand appearance of the patterns of all verified components and actions.
That's why the visual range of the film must be relevant, in which the director managed to make such a close to real shooting, do not drop into some otherworldly puppet, unreal world, but the whole spirit daruyuschuyu ghostly and distant Las Vegas, where the majority of the play will take place. Sew it with amazing angles are selected as though without all the laws of Hollywood production. And all without shaking the camera, clearly and carefully. Music from Vegas atmosphere and easy money is also not lagging behind and no slack: apart from classic songs hits, and he orchestral Score soundtrack you can listen to the tape separately, each time enjoying live instrumentals. Add to this blend into the story, organic humor with almost James Bond's old sayings -.. And you will get this memorable cocktail
and Friends show, but something was missing. For what it all, the whole thing, all the props, all the risk? Danny Ocean does not want to admit even to the end of themselves or others, but the answer he has long known. Friends near and they are, but he missed something that must be found. He lost love.
The best film of the 21st century on a grand scam in good, chic design. And if you have a treasure, you are rich and self-confident, look: suddenly Ocean's already lowered you. Money brings fear for their loss, but real friends - hell, they're just real friends !

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