"Obsession" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Genre of melodrama in the film, I tend to think for the most part very monotonous, too zashtampovannym. Films in this category are sometimes so naive and unrealistic, which sometimes catch myself thinking that in the future to avoid watching movies with a similar concept, and if they decide to watch a new melodramatic tape, then you come to the view it with due skepticism.
Returning to this picture from her view, I confess, I did not expect that the film will be able to catch me so much that for a long time and I'll be impressed by what he saw. The situation, which was the basis of the storyline shakes his closeness to reality. Do you believe that such a twisted story could actually happen in someone's life
It starts as quite commonplace love-story:. The two lovers meet, they twisted the novel and then, at a time when relations must reach a new level girl, afraid of new experiences and the level of responsibility that it entails for themselves, decides just get lost in the life of her lover. Simply evaporate, leaving only a memory. However, the story is only at first glance it seems uncomplicated. At first we see only one side of reality, but gradually all the omissions and pieces of the overall picture, not without the help of my favorite such cinematic reception, as flash-back, gather into a single puzzle and you have a different feel and assess what is happening on the screen. And this rethinking of painting "on the go" well worth it.
As for the main characters of the film people, in my opinion, the main acting trio fully coped with its task.
Yet, Rose Byrne managed most clearly to reveal his character - a mysterious girl named Alex, who, as it turned out, and became the instigator of all this cycle of events happening in the picture. Alex has become a hostage situation, which no one does not want. Look at "their" happiness from the outside it is very bitter. And when by chance she is given a chance to bring the situation under control, it tries to use it, passing through violating the sanctity of the bonds of friendship. Instead it absorbs the sense of self-deprecation, but such is the price for the choice made. However, Alex is hardly a negative hero. Not quite the right word. Because in the end, we understand that it has moved, for what He is doing all these "terrible, very evil things." Unwittingly put yourself in her place and ask questions, What if? And what if at one point you too will overtake the instant, overwhelming feeling of love that covered the character Rose Byrne? What if the card will fall, so that you will become a hostage to the situation in which it came? Will you be able to overcome their own selfish feeling, so as not to ruin someone else's happiness, or turn away from his feelings? Each answer these questions in different ways. And everyone, even if it is wrong, in any case, deserves understanding. And perhaps even forgiveness.
With the new hand here could open up Josh Hartnett . Previously, he caught my eye only as a niche actor popcorn-movie, or in supporting roles, such as the big-budget projects «Sin City» . Here he was able to clearly and vividly convey the image of the suffering Man, with melancholy eyes that received a ghostly hope to be able to see again his former mistress, clinging to this chance, believing that it would help him to understand themselves (after all, no one canceled the engagement)
Diane Kruger, though it took a supporting role -. sweet and mysterious girl Lisa, but each frame with her participation gives the picture more charm. Do you understand why Matthew so desperately trying to fight for their happiness - because it's worth it
Musical accompaniment .. It is always an important component of any film. In this case, the filmmakers picked up an outstanding set of musical compositions for artists such as, in particular, Stereophonics and Coldplay , whose creations harmoniously joined in the style of the picture, creating a unique ambiance.
well final scene just has included all the best thing that could collect himself. Inexpressible atmosphere. This picture must be felt. Numbness, heart palpitations. Slowing shooting and care of all unnecessary by the wayside. Simply bravo. The film is able to touch deeply.
Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry
You do not know how lovely you are
I had to find you, tell you I need you
Tell you i set you apart
Now think for themselves should be familiar with the original picture «L'appartement» to Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel .
well «Wicker Park», for me definitely deserves top marks
10 of 10

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