"Obsession" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

When you start writing a review is always the most difficult - to do the introductory phrase. After all, I want to write something voluminous and global, but soon realizes that the forces on it is not, and emotions too.
This film I refer to films average. Masterpiece here and does not smell, although the crew is actively used techniques, which, if properly implemented, could provide a good service. However, as in several other notorious films (which I refer to 'American Beauty', for example), - did not work
plot.. It is original, it is running. He even banal difficult to understand, especially if you do not bother to keep track of every detail in the film. And even if the trouble - it does not guarantee that you will not get confused. Writers, if I may say so, clearly 'beat'. When the plot in the film is composed of a mixture of reality and memories, I would like to see a more clear line between the past and the present. You say that this was the highlight? Yes, what can be the highlight, if after half the picture at the spectator in the head - porridge? I watched this movie twice, and after only two views, I can say that I understood the meaning of which the director wanted to convey. And asked whether it was necessary to so complicate things? I doubt it. Until the 'Obsession' McGuigan was not seen in the creation of something truly special and high quality, so, in my opinion, there is a lack of experience. Most likely, she was the main reason of this twist.
Anyway, God bless him, with the plot. Basically, I'm not saying that he was terribly bad. Just not quite clear was prepodneson, that's all.
Music. Here's what was supposed to create a special atmosphere of the picture. But, alas, the comrades involved in this aspect have not been faithful to his idea to the end. If throughout the film we hear any unusual melodies and motifs, that at the beginning and at the end for some reason, our hackneyed pop triviality and notorious American melo-comedy ears are compositions entirely in the style of American popular culture. Stereophonics and Coldplay. Well there is the beginning of the film, when there did not yet clear, but the ending .. why? Really it was impossible to put something, underlines the originality of the whole picture and the unusual situation occurs in it? I do not understand this. Feeling that the composer and sound engineer did not know bluntly that to shove. And in fact, this scene - the key
And yet, all the same, still the main reason for my dissatisfaction of this action -. It is the acting. Josh Hartnett, a great guy, handsome actor. But whether it versatile? After watching the film 'Department', with its participation in the leading role, I sat there with my mouth open. Here there was an idea! That's where he tried! And here .. I do not know. Yes, in principle, it seemed that such a hero and McGuigan built. But! Where is the passion in action Hartnett? In the film, it seemed that he was just a gray mouse, any typical clerk. On the other hand it is - a creative person, a photographer with an unconventional view of things. Alas, no passion I have not seen. As it is sad to admit, I did not see any 'obsession'. Either in words (and I watched a movie in the original with subtitles included) or in actions. I saw some guy suddenly became openly lohovatym, fearful and began to bathe the blue. Would you say this is an obsession? Do not make me laugh. The fire in his eyes where he was? where desperate impulsivity? It was not in sight. Just izdorgannost - is another. Josh failed, sadly it would have sounded.
But he just scarlet flower with absolutely and terribly inexperienced Diane Kruger. Debut on the screen, blah blah blah as well. I'm glad for it, honestly. But the film is smeared hoo. These implausible views which, in theory, have been fraught with some magical truth about their heavenly love. These uncertain movements issued Diane guts. I do not see any Fox. His honest eyes I saw an actress by the name of Diane Kruger, the first time to shoot on a serious role in a serious movie.
And, you know, probably never forgive her weakness in the last frame of the picture. How is it possible to kill the time ?! No matter how out of place Koldpley across the film, he created an atmosphere, and it is, to put it mildly, are not supported.
They. We met. After. So many. S.
You obsessed, my girl! The hell are you, you know, what is it? It develops a feeling that there is. Absolutely not. Dumb girl named Lisa met the same silent friend on the floor of the airport, that's what I saw. Here are all the outcome of the film. Wonderful, is not it? Just shine.
expect from a film of the jaw in the floor area and the stream of happy tears. I got apathy and frustration full pants.
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