"Obsession" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"Obsession" (literally, the title can be translated as "Under the whip") - the debut picture D. Shazela, dumbfounded even prepared the viewer directorial skill, a seemingly impossible for a beginner. However, in front of us is exactly the case when the personal pain and still persisting unresolved problem makes the artist to speak with great artistic conviction. The impressive aesthetic results of this non-standard teaching drama rooted in irresolvable existential conflict that Shazel reveals what is most surprising, is interested, but objectively.
history of the struggle of characters ambitious drummer and obsessive in their quest for perfection tyrannical conductor may be perceived initially as a politically correct left the parable of the despotic figure enforcers hierarchical order (that in modern art, saturated with leftism, extremely popular ). But it seems the viewer pursues the first twenty minutes, then the picture shows his versatility, outgrowing the narrow confines of ideological clichés
Director enough raises the questions:. "What should be the education of talent? Do I have to do flout the norms of humanity? Do I have the genius is revealed only at the limit of human capabilities? "Once again, as in" Berdmene "conceptual axis around which revolves the picture becomes juxtaposition of human and non-human. In the domestic box office tape Shazela was like "Obsession", which is perhaps best expresses its meaning than the original title.
main character wants to become the best in the business, sees his talent not as a service to the One who gave it and how way to realize their own ambitions. On his life's journey, he meets a man of cruel, violent, but by and large - his double. In our opinion it should be seen as a picture. Not as fashionable today narrative of victimhood and minority terrorizes its most despotic, and how terrible story of those who came in his haughtiness to the point vehemently rejecting any moderation, and therefore a virtue as such.
Art History is replete with instances of artists and musicians who have lived a short and as we are assured, bright life that ended tragically. But is rapid consumption of the great feat of his talent rather than his everyday gradual multiplication? If God is a talented person is not required if all that he attributes to himself and uses for itself, then very soon he will lose human characteristics. It is impossible to be possessed talent as a gift involves the free making of the film Shazela - an obsession with ambition, slavery, which cripples the talent. If anything, the conductor piece can be seen as a symbol of eternal slanderer and an enemy of the human race, frantically stir up in people the desire to harmful extremes. Most of all he hates moderation and harmony, because they are not available to him and incomprehensible
young hero fights and at the same time unconsciously please his tormentor:. Humility is not available to him, and he goes further and further along the path of pride. Being a man of music education, through sharp Shazel installation creates a rapid rhythm without artificial pauses and accelerations due to compelling game of all the ensemble cast of characters characters obtained a full and authentic.
Unlike "Berdmena" in the tape Shazela there is a sense of God's presence, symbolically embodied in the figure of the father of the protagonist: he is kind and always ready to help his son. If you perceive the "Obsession" as a parable of the human pride, it is difficult not to draw attention to the fact that the conductor and father of the hero to encourage the opposite model of life: the first - to a frenzy of self-torture, the second - to calm and humility. Decipher this point, I think it makes no sense
important to understand that Shazel throughout the picture tends to objectivity:. The hero of such a high opinion of himself, that seems to be unable to realize their talent quietly and gradually, because moving away from the conductor, he He throws to make music. His father, of course, sorry about this, but the nature of his son knows, because it does not prevent. The hero does not understand that a temporary respite in the classes he needs to calm down, to change something in yourself, and therefore easily falls into the trap set for him-conductor tormentor
final picture -. Perhaps the strongest part, it skillfully shows how the provocation, get excited and entice out feelings, skillfully conceals subtle calculation under the mask of anger and irritation. Conductor brings unfortunate drummer to the point to make him his desired result. Artist starring Miles Teller plays the drum set as if it goes on current twitching in a frenzy like a puppet, controlled by ruthless puppeteer - is so afraid of the consequences of obsession with the person their passions
Nevertheless, despite the hopeless final picture Shazela optimistic., it is with great aesthetic force and conviction demonstrates the destructiveness of human ambition, painful, slavish dependence on hostile and ill will. At the same time, showing the responsiveness of friends and relatives of the hero, the director claims that never sleeps and assistance, and to accept it, we just need to go to meet her. And if it did not repent of the hero, then they should at least serve as a lesson to us, the viewers.

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