"Obsession" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Start. Prologue. The history of long-standing love. understanding the difficulties.
all began exactly four years ago, when I first saw the "Obsession". Very well remember what a strong and spiritualized impression on me the film. He literally disturbed and agitated soul. True virtue then, a small age, some moments and details remained to me a mystery. But even difficulty in understanding is not diminished my eagerness and enthusiasm for these films. At that time I did not bother to write down her name, of course, it slipped my mind. As usual, with time, I have only distant memories of phrases and moments. A couple of times made an attempt to find a movie. But all was in vain, because then I did not even know the names of the actors, not to mention something more. And so it happened! A couple of days ago I saw this movie. Enough for exactly seven minutes to recall the film that made a such a memorable and left so many bright memories. Now I have only one regret is left - I admired a poster half, unable to look at the film. And why I pulled? But this is already bygone days. The main thing is that I finally revised after picture, and forest memories I did not cheat. Not a general knowledge of the plot, nor the fact that I remember the end, even a 3 am on the watch dial is not prevented me to enjoy the spectacle. Still, I snatched a piece of happiness from this film.
plot. Dissemination of information on the plot. Repeated feeling after viewing. Double №2.
After viewing my head exploded fireworks feelings. Delight, adoration, excitement, happiness, positive, and it's not all feel that left behind a film. Aftertaste turned passion, how sweet. Acute and diverse story helps to see the place through the eyes of everyone present. He understands and perceives a particular situation and act on inherent only his moral principles. A dynamic comedy. Amazing drama. An intriguing thriller, the voltage of which is maintained until the end. For many moments of the film, I watched with undisguised admiration. Everything is so beautiful and romantic. A faint blush on her cheeks Diane Kruger, her smile, hair swing, blink of a second, weakness, incredible melody. And the hero Josh Hartnett, not reducing his eyes off her, starts his pursuit. Feelings captivate his heart, he stopped listening to the arguments of his mind. The world is only he, she and obsession. Actors thoroughly felt it his characters, presenting them in all new and a new light, revealing the secrets of their lives and presenting fresh puzzles. Josh in his heart he was a boy-romantic. He is passionate unwillingness to let go of the past, veiled his eyes to the obvious. Sagacity experiences heroine Diane Kruger is also imbued with a deep sense of this, unable to resist him. Rose Byrne played to its limits. The viewer unconditionally believes all her panic attacks and lies. Heroes pass thorny path of failure, justice, fraud, failure, obsession, faith, hope, disappointment, self-knowledge and love .... Event intertwined. Smoothly from one follows the other, and so the circle. The manner of narration is unusual and exquisite.
Action Development. Unfinished business. The venue can not be changed.
Rarely in any movie you can find a soul soundtrack. Many of the songs are quiet and calm, for them there is nothing better than to think, to remember, to reflect and to think again. Other contrary ignite a spark in the heart. They are so expressive and individual that would like to whirl in the air performing a kind of movements and maneuvers. Music tunes to many further developments, preparing for something that will happen in the next second. Each song is wonderfully suited for the time, place and action. Making inimitably. Light breeze, swaying tree branches. Sunny and cool morning. Characters leave marks on transparent as a tear of the child snow. This can not be erased from memory.
Two lovestruck girl. One possessed man. He made his choice. His choice - Lisa. And now Alex has no choice but to watch from the window of his apartment for the way he kisses another, merging into a rhythmic dance with her. Her heart is ready to break up, it's already broken up into small pieces. He loves another, and what do you do it? "I'm not going to apologize to you for that. I live with it. " And she lived, had lived for so many years. Of lying, in love, in pretenses, in hopelessness.
culmination. Isolation. Emotions.

I'm sure that this view was not the last. I will come back to this country betrayal and passion. And in the very near future in my plans is to get acquainted with the French original - the film "Apartment". I can not dispute the fact that the film has a few inconsistencies. This applies improvised means - phone. Why could not he just call? The question is, the answer is no. But I was thinking, I thought, and came to the conclusion that such a beginning, middle and end I am ready to forgive a lot, so I just closed my eyes on these errors that I do very rarely. The whole movie I was looking for glasses rose-colored glasses, enjoying every moment of the work. So sincerely and dearly loved them, and how unjustly dealt with them fate.
Nobody said it was easy
Oh it's such a shame for us to part
Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said that it would be this hard
Oh take me back to the start.

General observations. Tips for operation.
advise you to watch a movie in one of the winter of days, that feeling was even brighter. See one or desirable with someone, without the presence of noisy friends.
I am filled with love for this film.
For what? For
emotional lift,
Fascinating soundtrack,
indescribable joy and sincerity.

Do not forget. Continue to love. Do not despair. Do not betray ....
P.S. Now I look in every shop window, looking at the red-soled shoes.

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