"Obsession" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

«I was there to push people beyond what's expected of them. I believe that's an absolute necessity ».
his personal experiences and impressions of the years spent in a jazz band from Princeton College, Damien Shazell able to take the form of philosophical narrative that has the talent as music is born and where the borders of relations "student-teacher". Enlisting the support of J. K. Simmons, an American film director, first made a short version of the story about the beginning drummer and his difficult relationship with his mentor, and then received from independent companies worth a little more than 3 million dollars, and put the film really worth.
If Socrates was the "midwife" of the human soul, the music teacher named Fletcher (J. K. Simmons) became a kind of analogue of the ancient Greek philosopher relatively drummer student talent Andrew (Miles Teller). Wisdom without sentimentality, are not limited by any rules of etiquette - this is the methodological approach Fletcher. He is harsh, rude and intolerable, but this is only his teaching principle Shazell deliberately enters into a movie scene where Fletcher demonstrate when communicating with people who are not his students, and the teacher here is nice and polite. Elderly Fletcher even their appearance is succinct and rigor - his wardrobe consists of black things. In methodical recommendations never propishut techniques similar to those shown in the "Scourge" (yes they also impossible to verbalize), but it does not mean that getting someone to show their talents by means of pressure and pressure, and at the same time latent love teacher to yet unopened properly talent of his pupil, there is not an effective method.
Magic like computer bits, which will be discussed in the "Scourge" is not in the plane created by Fabrizio Moretti and Matt Heldersom, and refers to the jazz style but it is n e means that the indie fan and fashionable actor Miles Teller miss something out of this a little more than hour and a half the story, because we are not talking about the trends and styles, but the music as one of the concepts host of ideas. The process of making music, in the form as described by Stephen Fry in his autobiography "Moab - my wash-bowl", takes the director "Scourge" at least (and becomes the central theme of the second) than the particular education and design genius. Deliberately emphasizing the physical aspect of the act of beautiful creations, with all its indispensable and unsightly attributes in the form of sweat, blood and tears, Shazell without departing from formally declared as a central theme of confrontation cruel mentor and his gifted novice, to easily show that for the most sublime of human creations is always not just a great work, but the physics of this miserable and seemingly quite irrelevant next to the art and music as one of its manifestations, the human body.
the third theme "Scourge" is the above-mentioned work in conjunction with the commitment and will to overcome the difficulties. Depending on what aspect of the film seems to be dominating you, you and decide who is the main character - or Andrew Fletcher. The figure of the young Andrew represents not so much a talent as the ability to foster this talent. He was not sure of himself, and, in his own words, "still goes to the movies with her father." Andrew will suffer defeats and setbacks, but if the talent is really true, then it is only harden it. Somewhere in the middle of the picture, the director visualizes the metaphor, that all the worthwhile things are only his own blood price and Andrew, being literally covered with his own blood, not in spite of everything, still be run to the drum set, only to Fletcher not I deprived him of a place in their group.
at a time when more and more like film lovers and filmmakers have distanced themselves from Oscar and his imaginary significance, and the masses at the same time more and more attentive listening to read out the results of the American Film Academy, with the amym confirming that the art of this award has long been irrelevant. "Scourge", being really interesting and valuable copyright film, however, has got into the list of nominees for the Oscar, but only due to the fact that Sony has promoted the picture (studio bosses were in no way connected with the financing of the project Shazellya, despite the fact that "Scourge" scenario was part of the prestigious Black List, thus giving, comprehensive view of its priorities within the framework of the "art-profit" dilemma). Oscar by biased figures "art", as one would expect, "Scourge" has not received.
Whatever it was, in the race for the award was for the "Scourge" likeness of a broad marketing campaign in both North America and in the world (it is impossible to imagine at the raw data in the form of a novice director and a small budget), and thus allowed to happen to this event as a cultural enlightenment far from the art of the masses, is pleased to host "Berdmana" as "the best film". But on the other hand - the discomfort of hypocrisy and lack of its own point of view, that a viewer who watched "The Scourge" and admires her only because of the hit film Oscar nominees list (and more than that - such a person would not even know about the existence of and the more the value of this, otherwise), for some reason do not go.
it is also important to note that based on the quality of a wide repertoire of theatrical distribution at the time of release of the film, it is safe to call "Scourge," a masterpiece of cinematic drama, but e If assess it within the film and his higher achievements in general, then this picture is strong crafts and more. But the absolute truth is known, there is a thing unattainable and Damien Shazell draws very plausible and charming characters who are largely metaphorical, not characters, and such an approach is not only rare, but also arhislozhen.
no doubt relatively lucky advertising your own movie Damien Fletcher Shazell portrayed as a kind of modern Diogenes, who is "looking for a man." "The whip" is not the story of the young musician's success, and Shazell clearly will understand this inimitable in its elegance finish. This film is a unique one rare case, when the idea behind the picture is far more important than the plot. I know if the director that using this formula, he extends his hand to the side, where the waves of the sea comes Viola and Sebastian, and Bertram gives Elena a long-awaited kiss? Or did it happen by chance it? These things do not know, and it does not matter. The main thing is not to forget that for the grandeur and magnificence of the sonnet, cantatas, sculptures and paintings are always worth at least a grand in its unbearable gravity work that even hidden from the eyes of one who enjoys art, but ennobles and the creator and creation, and those who not only looks, but sees.

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