"Obsession" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

When saw the film for the first time, it seemed like ... unusual ... romantic ... But perhaps this 'romance' in the worst sense of the word, giving a false idea of ​​what is 'love' for those who have not yet had a chance to try it . And to have a preliminary view about love - is harmful to the psyche, and the health of others. That such education breeds 'obsessed' ...
Remake? ... The film 'Wicker park', or as it is rightly called in the Russian box office 'Obsession', is based on the French film 'Apartment'. That is, 'based on the'!
Oddly enough, but 'in the capable hands of the' maestro Paul McGuigan, the story 'apartment' not only became more interesting, and even the order of faded and 'poobvetshal'. The director and the writers deliberately changing emotional color stories, but this is the color left the idea of ​​ruins, turning the rich creative material in the picture-sugary melodramku full story blunders and 'scraps', simply not capable of this cinematic canvas to create some logical . whole
Kassel - Hartnett. Whether it is necessary to compare the Max and Matthew - these very different characters? Here it is - unable to give any of the ode of his women Max is not ready to make a choice in favor of any of these three women .... It should be noted that even though the main character, and forget about the bride, but Gilles Mimouni ( 'take off in front of him a hat!') Is not 'removes it from the chessboard' - the bride as in arithmetic - '2 write and 1 in the mind' - invisible it is present in the history of the very first scene selection rings main character - the scene of such a significant and symbolic in the film 'Apartment', and the scene completely devoid of meaning in the later 'Obsession' ... So, Max can not choose, he in turn falls in love and tied to each of the characters ... and waiting for life itself will choose for him. The main intrigue lies in the fact that, as in life itself, from the first scene to the last there is a potential choice and the illusion that some of the characters will take this opportunity ... And here - Matthew - 'lost love', dreamy and wimpy guy who's already 2 years cohabiting happily with 'unloved' girl, which would be like going to marry, and that the director safely once and for all 'shown the door' history after the first 2-3 scenes, and all its subsequent appearance in frame - outsiders 'love' int Riga and seem simply misplaced. Here, at the Wicker Park, completely lost subtle psychological game - dizziness hero 'Flats', his throwing between Lisa and Alice - note LizALizALiz ... Aliz - the name of one character, repeated many times, the ear turns into the name of another character. Great! - the Gilles Mimouni even the names involved in the construction of the plot ... 'Obsession' devoid of all these psychological subtleties turns into the usual implausible, to borrow an outstanding story, melodrama 'full complement' stereotypical characters: the hero-lover, 'a beautiful and mysterious stranger'! ., an evil schemer, one-klutz
Kruger - Byrne. Lisa - Alex. A similar comparison and juxtaposition for the film 'Apartment' is simply impossible. Bellucci Borinzhe heroine and, one might say, are integral to the plot. As a fact, the disappearance of one character disappears, and the second ... and the story itself, like a strange dream, too, disappears - does not come to the final, and as if dissolved in the event flow. But Lisa and Alex - is another matter. Fragile dancer whose image has been made more efforts to the operator than the Kruger game - she embodied the virtue. Not a single flaw ... and, sadly, not one human feeling not distorted handsome features Diane Kruger - a complete lack of facial expression, and acting (it will charge on debut). You can not say about Rose Byrne! She managed to revive this one, seemingly quite 'clogged' melodrama. During the film on her beautiful, pale face a whole range of emotions appears alternately - joy, shame, despair ... That tragedy, which she devoted to her character, takes it beyond the stereotype of the director intended. The sadness in her eyes, trembling voices, alternating dynamics and immobility - both concealment and impatience, helplessness and willingness to fight - all this creates an image of this alluring femme fatale, the woman he could never throw a hero Vincent Cassel, and that with such fear as if the fear of life itself, watching the hero Josh Hartnett ...
6 of 10 for an incredible game Rose Byrne.

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