"Obsession" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Starting with the cooperation with the 'Creator', like Eugenio Mira ( ' Grand Piano '), - who were quite good in music, but as a director clearly wanted to kill two birds with one stone and get revenge 'every predecessors', which We filmed and ' The Legend of the pianist ', and ' pianist ', and all the musicians often exhibited as a freak; and take the bull by the horns in dissecting the mechanism of overcoming of neurotic complexes than not engaged in just lazy after ' The Defense ', - an enterprising writer Damien Shazell decided to experiment with popular themes of violence and mysticism (in 'Cloverfield 10 ' Dan Traktenberga or Ed Gass-Donnelly in' the Last exorcism ' ), because, you see, not everyone can shoot masterpieces in the spirit of' Constantine ', you need to practice and' on the rag maps'. For a couple of years, it appears that these subjects bored him too much directness and predictability, and perhaps the writer to think about how to apply the theme of violence in a different way in which it still has not been handed to him, and completely depriving the movie of the dual division into black and white, has already decided to set up as a director this antidihotomichny masterpiece 'obsession' .
film that can excite the violence, the film, which erected the fear and suffering to the greatness of 'personal growth 'gets 3 Oscar - still makes to talk about himself, the thought be to argue, the film, whose final sadomasochistic orgasm - and criticism, and audience chorus proclaimed 'catharsis' - can not help but worry. Finally, there is neither good nor evil, they are finally united in a common ecstatic rush to make a breakthrough in the minds of viewers, eclipsing itself Liliana Cavani with its ' The night porter ' ... The irony would be relevant if the above would be at least somewhat true. However ...
... There is nothing more false than the swing when it is not happiness, but life is not poured over the edge of freedom and happiness, when you're not together hohochesh teammates on the violin or the saxophone, admiring the dancing couples; nothing is more lifeless than a joy that does not carry the joy and just bloody foam on the hands and lips, and no personal lifeless than passion, caused by artificial substitutes - these synthetic drugs available today to everyone: Take poltabletki ambition and mixed with two drops of prestige, breathe one track snobbery, yes quickly, even on the toilet lid in a public toilet - and let's have another - violence and obsession. After such a dope you conquer the world! Politics, economics, religion, social events, universities hold the same on these stimulants ...
... But why there is nothing more lifeless than jazz or flamenco, folk than rock or without Being intoxicated in the air electricity, epinephrine, passion and sweat, when the blues or swing if they are mixed with the scents of the sea and the forest, or a sobering rain smell and thunderstorms; why there is nothing more lifeless than imitation Viagra passion, or latex whip with spikes; there is no love without frightening lightness and laughter, and worse than youth without youth, -only plastic world with its millions of blinding neon of the supermarket plastic surgeries in the name of the Eternal Self-deception. Why did you erase his hands in the blood, the drummer?
And why there is nothing more disgusting, when it comes to simulation and takes life, replacing Grace delights when mechanistic dance floor takes the colors of life, when passion becomes a tradable commodity, and ambition and snobbery replicated dealers, but at least let them proceed forth all bloody foam, which they only have, they are liars, and they can not see the spirit of blues great Charlie Parker !!!
«The most destructive aspect of violence - this is his insight into the child's mind and occupation, Submission imagine his mental processes; it happens when a child is in physical and emotional dependence on the adult who rapes that operates when one person is given the right to control and determine the reality of the other, even when the definition of this reality is contrary to the actual experience, the experienced subordinates the individual » - said in a psychological treatise on violence. Hero Miles Teller and is very similar to having caved under the totalitarian leaders of Peter dystopia 'Divergent', creating a strong association with the personality of the viewer, which is identified with the aggressor so that she is starting to become the same. If Miles broke his hands in the blood of the drums, then ... if the tendency of the actor to a particular role can be traced? And then we are faced with a very unusual phenomenon - the merger of art and life, and it is. .. or falling into the abyss of codependency, or again an undeniable genius, as a unique fusion of good and evil in the 'Obsession' .
But there is nothing stranger than such a 'personal growth'. It gives us a world culture, built not on a Sunday, and on suicide, the mechanism of which is already exposed by the film 'In the Spotlight'. Culture of violence began to give out this substitution regularly, but only a few of its adherents dare to present these destructive ideas in the package self-improvement and self-realization, - or wrapped in psevdoblesk 'overcoming laziness', or in the attractive dark velvet of military heroism 'in the name of homeland'
. nor is there anything more beautiful when it becomes blind seeing, and the old boys when beloved back and terminally ill are raised. There is nothing more beautiful than the blues-and there you are eternal - this terrible thunder, and the cry baby is born, and orgasm - in fact in this intoxication life of man is immortal for real, and it is such a musician in 'Crossroads' could not beat ! Devil himself
Indeed, right hero series 'Stranger', when they say: 'Paris is wonderful, but dirtier than our Scottish cattle yards with: we have something smells the ground, and in Paris - a chamber-pot!' For example, in the film Damien Shazella 'Obsession' shows Music School, where craftsmanship was involved in the ancient alchemical potter sacrament of creation "chamber pots". It requires not only be non-living, but dying, to connect with the aggressor, to give music is not their beauty and song, and the death rattle, not his soul, and a puff of his last breath, that believers in God are called the Soul, as these things ancient action 'deal with the Devil '.
' under the pressure of filling the void, which is formed as a result of chronic dissociation with their own feelings and perceptions. The victim is only one way out - to appease, to seduce or to disarm the aggressor. The victim may even participate in the pleasure felt by the aggressor, inflicting injury. Thus, fear is transformed into love and bogotvorenie and the victim of the aggressor takes passion as his own ', - and the final scene of the film shocks, hurts the soul and turns it inside out, making a film is an undoubted masterpiece. After Damien Shazellu failed, like it or not, to bring in the same existential authenticity and victims and perpetrators of this world and put an equal sign between death and life, forever abolishing duality. Did it? ..

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