Nursing Essay

Nursing: My Plans and My Calling At a young age, I always had a heart caring for others. Turning a charismatic personality into a passion has shown me what I want to do with my life. When I was younger, I started playing with my mother’s stethoscope and would take care of my Carebears when they got “sick.” Learning to play doctor and nurse at a young age and having a passion to help others when they need it has given me a daily reminder of what I want to do with my life. My junior year of high school, I took anatomy and physiology and began to start my journey of my future career. My senior year of high school I had the opportunity to job shadow in a hospital back home. I followed a nurse around and learned the basics of what the job would entail after I got my degree. Being given the opportunity to learn to take vitals and do basic things I was allowed to do gave my passion more of a spark. Where It All Came Together Over the summertime, my sister and I attended a camp. I attended since my seventh-grade year to finally when I graduated. I learned about Indiana Wesleyan University, IWU, as time went on and felt a calling to attend college there after my senior year. I continued to pray and ask God where He wanted my life to go. Knowing that my passion may not align with what He has in store for me and that I may have to do something that He knows I am better at frightened me. I continued to remind myself what it says in the Bible about being anxious and worrying in Phillipians 4:6. It says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God” (New International Version). This is a reminder that God is in control of my life and what He has in store. Not knowing how He would show me what His plan was for me show some concern. Then it all aligned the last night of camp when the speaker was talking and he asked for me to come in front of everyone. He said that God had put something on his heart all week and wanted to share it with everyone. He told me in front of everyone else that God planned for me to attend IWU as a nursing major and that he saw it after he watched me care for others as I bandaged them and helped them with daily tasks. He said I had a heart for others and that he cannot wait to see what God has in store. I did not believe him at first and kind of took it as a joke that he was pulling my leg. When I got home I received a letter in the mail from IWU about being accepted. Not thinking much about it I tossed it to the side because I was not sure if God wanted me to go for nursing or if He had another career path in mind for me. I continued to pray and ask God on what He had in store for me. I had all my college acceptance letters out and prayed and prayed while I was in tears looking for an answer on where to attend and what to major in. I ended up falling asleep with the letters scattered on the floor and when I had woken up I knew where I was attending and what for because the acceptance letter for IWU was on my laptop. Right then and there I applied and thank God for showing me where He has called me to be and what to do with my career path. Emergency Room Nursing Knowing what path, I want to take after I receive my Bachelor’s degree in nursing has been such an enlightening factor as I begin working towards my degree as only a freshman. I know when things begin to get hard looking on the other side of what my dream job entails has given me hope and the power to make it through the hard classes and exams that lie in front of me. God has shown me what type of nurse I should be on countless occasions. Knowing I enjoy challenges and that I am on the go all the time has made it perfectly clear that I want to become an emergency room nurse. Walking from room to room in different scenarios such as heart attacks, strokes, and gunshot wounds is only a small portion of what emergency room nurses see (Full Beaker Inc. 2019). They learn quickly to act fast and use their skills they have learned to save people’s lives in life or death situations. The job of an emergency room nurse is full of adrenaline rushes, completely unpredictable, fast-paced, and spontaneous (Full Beaker Inc. 2019). Working in a fast-paced environment, emergency room nurses must maintain the proper care for each patient. They learn to become adaptable and respond as quickly as possible. Part of the job is also continuing to learn and gain more experience while on the job. Emergency room nurses are similar to first responders as they respond quickly and provide the best possible care for patients who might be in a life or death situation (Ramel 2017). With all the characteristics and traits of an emergency room nurse matching up with mine, I feel as if God has led me in the right direction and that I am doing all these things in His glory.

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