Nursing: Dedicated Funding Essay


Discuss about the Nursing for Dedicated Funding.


This is a critical response to the position statement- "A dedicated pool of funding from new or existing sources should be made available over "the next five years to provide research grant money and for cooperative research centers for nursing."

The position statement brings into highlight the need for a dedicated funding to provide grant money for research in nursing. The post has been clearly introduced by emphasizing the importance of evidence-based nursing practice and integrating research into practice. The position statement is linked to the National Competency Standard for Registered Nurse as the author has stated that the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia also encouraged nurses to utilize research for practice (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia – Guidelines, 2016). The significance of the position statement became evident after the information that the updating with recent research is difficult because of little support in the form of funding given to the organization who are willing to adopt evidence-based nursing research in practice. Thus, the introduction is appropriate as it provides the summary of the post by stressing the importance of research in enhancing patient outcome and also the counterargument for why some may disagree with research funding.

The author has further provided evidence on the need for utilizing research in practice by stating the NMBA standard of nursing practice. The author has supported his hypothesis of improved health outcome due to research-based practice by stating about the scenario where increased research on health issue leads to better health recovery. Hence, there is numerous evidence which proves that extensive research on common nursing issues improves health outcome. (Melnyk et al., 2014) Studied about evidence-based competencies for practicing nurses to achieve the high quality of performance and it was found that incorporation of this competencies promotes higher quality, reliability, and affordability of health care cost. It also minimizes cost involved in treatment as it facilitates in reducing error in practice.

The strength of the post is that the author has explained about the barriers that prevent nurses from pursuing clinical research. The author has identified lack of funding as the major barrier to the implementation of nursing research. This reason brought into highlight why nurses cannot follow the national competency standard for registered nurse and identify problems or issues in nursing by investigation through research (Hamric et al., 2013). Hence, lack of funding is also leading to violation of national competency standard of nursing practice. However, the author could also have highlighted that lack of critical reflection in nurses is also the reason for poor health outcome (Polit & Beck, 2013). The author has stated the stepwise method by which evidence-based nursing research can be implemented and also help in practicing according to national competency standard. The argument regarding the need for funding research has been explicitly presented by the author. The fact was strengthened by the author by providing evidence that increased knowledge in practice is required to tackle complex healthcare environment. (Martha, 2009) also explains that nursing research is critical for the development of the profession and marinating a continued environment of improvement. The complexity of health care environment was highlighted and also the fact that it will encourage nurse to be more confident in their delivery of care. Thus from the post discussion it can be concluded that evidence-based nursing practice is indeed important to discover new intervention that promotes evidence-based care and health organization should take an adequate step to improve funding for nursing research.


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