Nuclear power Essay

Nuclear energy can leads human

civilization to the next level.

Nuclear Power as a Basis for Future

Electricity Generation

- Nowadays, the world

is consuming ever-growing amounts of energy, and utilization is set for a

particularly intensive development in electricity. In the future, more

electricity is definitely highly required for the people as fossil fuels are

shifted. Also, more generation capacity will be required in this rapid

development, some of which will be nuclear. Great amount of

electrical energy is able to generate by a single nuclear plant. Based on the

research, around 10 percent of the total electricity is

generated by nuclear power around the world. This

varies sharply by country — in the U.S. the rate is about 20 percent, it is slightly

lower than that in Russia and Germany, and 40 and 50 percent of electricity is

generated from nuclear reactors for other European countries. Nuclear energy is also a climate-friendly energy source

which generates power by emitting comparatively low amounts of greenhouse gas",( CO2) .The contribution of nuclear power plants to global warming is

comparatively little as it releases small amount of green house. Therefore, nuclear

power is a suitable energy to use for future electricity generation as it is able

to generate large amount of energy and also is a climate-friendly energy source

as well.

Bar-chart graph regarding the emissions of CO2

in different energy sources.

There are safety concerns that associated with nuclear power. There is possibility

that radiation could accidentally released by a nuclear power plant into the

environment. In spite of nuclear plants having a mostly high security

standard, there will still have a small probability of failure and accidents are

still possible to occur. There is a condition that can happen in a nuclear reactor, it is called a meltdown. A meltdown is an accident

in which severe overheating of the nuclear reactor results in the melting of

the reactor's core. It is cause by a defection in the cooling system of the

reactor that one or more of the nuclear fuel elements are allowed to beyond its

melting point. Radiation could be released by a nuclear power

plant into the environment if a meltdown occurred. If this

accident happens, the consequences would be absolutely devastating both for

human being as for the nature. There will be higher probability of a disastrous

failure somewhere in the world as more nuclear power plants are constructed.


radiation can have negative effects to the human body by causing health

problems and diseases. For examples, the cells

in the body could be damaged and lead to cancer if a person are exposed to huge

amounts of radiation after a long time.

Other than that, nuclear

power generation may also cause environmental health. Radioactive waste is

disposed to the nature may cause problems. For example, water from lakes and

rivers is used by nuclear power plants for cooling and the excess water used to

cool the reactor is usually released back into the waterway at extremely high

temperatures. Not only that, the water released from it contain pollutants like

salts and heavy metals. This will definitely disrupt the aquatics and cause

water pollution.

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