Now you may send a motivation letter why i want to take part in this summer school. Essay

Now you may send a motivation letter "Why I want to take part in this summer school."

Currently, I am working in IT Company (Motherson Sumi Infotech & Design Ltd) as Software Engineer, my current projects are ERP design for Production Industries, Automation System Design, vision system & Traceability for Production Industries, regarding these projects daily I have to deal with customers. I wish to apply to the MBA program at IIT Delhi for the 2017 intake. This program is a substantial step towards my future career as a entrepreneur who understands and appreciates science and technology. My ultimate career idea is to hold a leadership role in the IT sector. I selected your program because of its primary focus on technology with the expectation that students already possess a strong understanding of science. I wish to emerge a leader who can combine the science of technology with the art of management.

MBA degree will help me to get an insight into the tricks & acumen necessary for competent handling of business and sector constituting. I may be wonderfully knowledgeable, but an MBA program relevant to me field of operation will help deepen my leadership skills & soft skills necessary for man management.

As technologists, we're used to thinking in a linear and logical fashion: “If this, then that.” This logical mindset is essential to good software, troubleshooting technical problems and managing projects. The ability to think like a business person is critical for technology managers, especially those of us who wish to position IT strategically within the company. We need to know how to plan, design and build an information architecture that is capable of supporting the business as it adapts to a changing marketplace. Without this business mindset, a CIO is at risk of creating an IT department that is too rigid, too slow or too restrictive to fully support the company’s needs.

I working hard and I basically like my job but not satisfied with salary matches, the effort I put in to my work-day. I see others doing much the same things I do but earning more because they have an MBA on their resume and you don't.

An MBA teaches me to look at problems and opportunities holistically. It also provides analytical frameworks, such as risk assessments, cost-benefit analyses and strategic plans, that I can apply to any problem or opportunity I encounter, whether in or beyond IT. The business mindset that an MBA gives me becomes habit because you use those frameworks repeatedly in a rigorous academic environment, and I see how they can be applied in a variety of situations from one course to another.

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