Normal Life Of A Diasbled Person Essay

Social inclusion of people with disability means socially include those people in our society who are suffering from disabilities. Disability not only mean that a person is physically disabled but disability has other kinds, such as: mental illness or lack of senses ,like deaf-blind , deafness or other disabilities There is a person who have disability in his physical appearance is demotivated.

Social life of a disabled person plays a major role in our society for seeking or getting motivation. Disable person don’t want pity and sympathy from people, they only need care and love more than so called sympathy. Some time our sympathies is overloaded which make them uncomfortable as well as loose thier heart because of some unethical words, that you are disable I feel pity for u and they disable person start thinking that they are unable to do anything.

We should have to treat disable person as normal person. Normal person mean who have no disabilities. It’s necessary to have a same behavior towards disable person, as a person who is nornal. In short every person is equal. Every disable person is not a birth born disable. Some of them are disable because of incidei happens in their lives. You can take incident as an accident, but some are disable because of medically unfitness.

In our daily routine we see alot of diasble person, many of them are work in public services and on other hand we see alot of beggars on road in our daily routine. In beggars community they want to earn money without any job that’s why we can say that they are so called disable. Beggars are attention seekers. But the naturally disable person can’t want pity and sympathy, they only wants there rights. To do everything in every field of their life, but the main thing is that they are demotivated so that’s why they are unable to do any work.every person have a same body structure but having some special or rear problem which caused them to called disable.

There are many disable persons who is intelligent but didn’t get job. like my brother told me a story of a boy. He is paralized by his hands. He has an small hands, this boy is the student of IT department in 2k9 batch of Sindhi university. He was very intelligent and self motivated person. He do alot of works with his small hands , and some time he repeats a full lecture on a board to teach weak students of his class in free time, he was a very good student of his department but he didn’t get job because of his disability. People rejected him because of his physical appearance.

As we know there is a quota of disable person in government sector but they are not hiring a disable person because lack of information. They prefer to give job to their relatives as compare to disable. For example In Quran there is a Hadith present for disable persons.s Allah says in Surah Baqarah:Allah does not charge a soul except [with that within] its capacity. (Surah Baqarah, verse 286)

That means that you have the ability to cope with your disability. Also, our beloved prophet (peace and salawaat upon him) said:The pen has been lifted from three: From the sleeper until he wakes up, from the minor until grows up, and from the insane until he comes back to his senses or recovers. (Collected by An-Nasaa’i)

Other than alluding to the fact that insanity is treatable and recoverable, this talks about sin: the “pen being lifted” means that the person is not accountable for their actions. If they reach a sufficient level of disability, they are not liable to pray, fast, etc. because they don’t have the mental capacity for doing so. So Allah, Al-Adl (the one who is ultimately just) does not hold them accountable.

Also, Hazrat Muhammad (salallahu alayhi wa sallam) said in another hadith:There is nothing (in the form of trouble) that comes to a believer even if it is the pricking of a thorn that there is decreed for him by Allah good or his sins are obliterated. (Saheeh Muslim)In fact, in the case of epilepsy specifically, another hadith clarifies the reward:A woman came once to the Prophet (Pbuh) and said: “I suffer from severe epilepsy and parts of my body get exposed. Will you please pray Allah for me?” The Prophet (Pbuh) said to her: “The choice is yours: You may wish to endure it with patience and have admission into heaven as your reward, or you may wish me to pray Allah to cure you.” She said: “I will endure it, but some parts of my body get exposed, so pray Allah for me not to be exposed.” The Prophet (Pbuh) prayed for her. (Bukhari and Muslim)In this case, specifically, a great reward was outlined for the sufferer or epilepsy.

No doubt that similar rewards also apply to other afflictions and disabilities. And Allah knows best.God is righteous and it’s indeed one of His names. So people are asked about what they have done due to their abilities. Less ability means less duty which is always a good thing. That’s why a blind person will not be asked about what sins he/she has done with his/her eyes.God says in Quran (Al-kahf, verse 49):[…] And not one will thy Lord treat with injustice.

As Hazrat Muhammad PBUH said in his last sermon that every person is equal in the eye of God. No one is superior than other one.”Fake it till you make it”.We can use this proverb in the sense of disability. For example: a person is blind and unable to visualize any thing but want to learn the aspect of life and also want to achieve the goal of life like others. Everybody wants to fly on the peak of sky. Like in a steam there is a group of fishes. One fish has a small fin. in simple words may be everyone watch animated movie “The finding Nemo” in this movie Nemo has a small fin but he help others and forgot about his disability. He takes his disability to help others.

Everyone has a disability but they don’t realise or know about that. Disability doesn’t mean that person who is paralyzed or who’s physical appearances is not good enough .it can be found in our inner side in the form of hesitation , communication or introducing his or her self properly .For Example:- Poverty is also a type of disability in some last day I watched a television show in which a girl makeover like a poor girl and go to restaurant but the staff of restaurant didn’t allow her to come inside becouse of her poor appearance

In our society people respect those who had money in their pocket. In my previous paragraph I wrote that disability have kinds some are natural phenomena or some are the result of our carelessness . Poliomyelitis is an other type of disability which caused by the parents carelessness .This deases effect those children who’s parents refused to vaccinate there off Springs .This deases is a viral deases is usually spread person to person by their used things .In short poliomyelitis is not na natural deases.”Saying and doing both is different”.. Normal person or disable person there is difference between both .

Normal person when say something they didn’t full fill their words becouse he knows that they have more time to do this work but on other hand the disable person do their work on time because they know that they have no more chance to do their work . In nadra office there is some special seats announced every year for disable person and really I saw people at nadra office loyal with their works . They didn’t have low self-esteem and they do their work with full of happiness without any tension becouse in Pakistan one and only organisation is nadra who provides them suitable environment for doing Thier jobs.

Disability itself an ability because some disable persons have a genius, sharp mind, and some have a good personality but by their look we can’t justify them as an disable person. Like we have an examples of such great persons who are disable but successful in their lives. Muniba Mazari is the one of inspirational women for me or for other in the world she is the iron lady and she is suffered from an serious accident in the age of 21.

Muniba mazari is a Pakistani artist, model, activist, motivational speaker, singer, and television host. She uses a wheelchair due to injuries which makes her Pakistan’s first wheelchair-using model. Muniba mazari is one of the great motivation speaker. Because of her, many disable person get motivation and inspiration . Near to me she is the best ever motivational speaker in Pakistan .She is one of the successful disable person . Hellen Keller was born on 27 June in 1880.

Hellen Keller is another successful disable person. She is known as a symbol of courage in entire world. She was a deaf and blind.she was a brilliant and intelligent. Her high thoughts and great works affectionate Hellen’s life to helping others. Hellen Keller suffer from a great problems and recover from public life. Hellen is the who awarded the presidential medal of freedom and also she wins Oskar for a documentary about her life. Sudha Chandra is another successful disable women from India. She was born in Chennai. She was met with an incident, the result of that incident is that she lost her right leg.

After a successful medication she was given an artificial leg as previous she didn’t do those things which she did after her accident because she want to be the inspiration of others. With her disability she become a best dancer of the india subcontinent. Because of her great efforts or performance she was awarded by different organizations.Marla Ranyan was another successful person with major disability. She is in the age of nine suffering from an deases and become blind . After this disability she did many task. Like she engaged in athletics championships for proving her self that disability not mean to be stop it’s mean to do everything which you want to do . ” No finish line ” is the title of her autobiography .

Jhon Hockenberry . Is another successful disable person in the history of world He is suffered from spinal cord injury but he didn’t lose his will to do things he was the best ever journalist or writer in the field of journalism . He shows that’ the disability is not the hurdle between you and your achievements . Disabilities is the way to achieve or get your goals .Steive wonder was another successful disable person. He is a birth born blind, but he didn’t make his disability for getting sympathy. Steeve is the one of great singer of the world. He is also song writer and musician. Another thing is that about steeve is that he records 20 or more than 30 songs.

Marlee Matlin is another successful disable person of the world. She was a deaf and she is the successful actress. She also received different types of awards.These all success person with disability shows that life never stops according to them disability means life never stops but it’s the start of another achievement. They are the inspiration and motivation of entire world or for those who think that we can’t do anything just because of some problems so they show to those people that nothing is impossible because impossible itself says that I’m possible, than why disability can’t be an ability.

Sports and disability

Disable person are also have fame in sports . Somes are athletics champions and some are hockey players . Disable person have a very old history in every type of sport’s like in athletics , cricket , high jumping and so on. Everyone knows a person who is paralyzed from his hand or participate in marathon race and other marathon racer was helping him to drink a water while they are running .

There is an other marathon which is may be held in France there is the race of those persons who injured in any type of accident and lost their legs but they didn’t lose their confident and never give up . And by participating in that race they’re showing that we have to go with flow of life or with others . Disable person who is in sports show path to Normal person that if we can do then why you can’t . In short the disable sports man are the resources of inspiraton for a Normal person.

If a person is disabled from arms and having legs he or she is the best example of athletics by his or her efforts . In foran countries government give special offers to disable person and give them benifts in every field of life .Rights of disable persons .Every government talk about the rights of the disable persons in national assembly’s. And promise to give them relief as they want .

Government also announced a budget to give relief to disable persons but in reality disable persons just get something’s or few rights . But more then half budget will be eaten by those people who are in high commission office’s . Most of people are corrupted in our government . Corrupted people of our government never full filled the deads of disable person . Every government talk about the right of disable person needs and requirement only in paper work but they show Us that they complete their jobs of fullfill all needs of disable persons in their town .

But in reality only somes are get a wheelchair from government on other hand government of other countries full fill all needs of disable person Role of family in teaching disable person If a child is disabled in any family than they should take care of them and can’t ignore he/ she in front of other Normal children.

Their is special institutes are present for special children. By which special child get education in the manner of learning which he /she want. In special schools mostly teach students by activities rather than giving them reading and writing material. Another thing is that parents are the first teacher their child’s either they are normal or disable. Most of parents ignore their disable child because they feel shame in the social environment or community. Parents hesistates in introducing their disable child’s in front of society or others. In short I want to conclude a paragraph that, if in the eye of God everybody is equal than what society can do? Just believe on yourself what so ever you are.

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