Nordic region, a happening place for tourism Essay

Nordic region, a happening place for tourism

If traveling runs in your veins then nothing will excite you more than visiting a foreign land or country. Most people prefer traveling in order to get a break from their daily routine and traveling destinations prove to be ideal places to escape into. Nordic countries are often recommended by travel guides and experts because the region is well-known for its incomparable flora and fauna. The pure air, crystal clear water bodies, serene mountain ranges, and cozy towns make you forget your worries about life as both your body and spirit are instantly rejuvenated. The Scandinavian countries include Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greenland, Estonia, etc. The cultural and geographical range here is so diverse that you get a feel of visiting some of the most serene places on earth by just traveling to these places.

Which are the best places to visit in the Nordic region?

There are numerous places to visit when it comes to Nordic countries. If you wish to plan the best Nordic tours and trips 2019, then you must definitely put these places on your travel guide's list:

Blue Lagoons of Iceland

One of the natural wonders of the world, the Blue Lagoons of Iceland are known for the geothermal seawaters that can provide a surreal healing touch to your body. There are many resorts that offer a complimentary entry pass to the Blue Lagoons on room bookings. However, you must ensure that you pre-book them because they are in great demand all around the year. Do visit this place as the mesmerizing waters can absorb the tiredness and soreness of your body in a second!

Vagar Island

If your dream is to visit a secluded or sparsely populated region endowed with natural beauty and breathtaking points then you must visit the Vagar Island located in the Faroe Islands. It is a stunning sightseeing place where you would find waterfalls, lakes and other water bodies cocooned between towering mountain cliffs and the seashore.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark is a country renowned for its comfortable lifestyle and blissful nature. Therefore, whenever you are in the southern part of the Nordic region do not forget to visit Denmark and its capital city Copenhagen. Do not forget to visit the classic Rosenborg Castle and the Tivoli gardens of Copenhagen and also do not skip its delicious and tempting street food.

Geiranger Fjord

Geiranger Fjord is a UNESCO protected natural wonder of Norway. For those who aren't aware of Fjords, it is a deep and narrow part of a sea which is enclosed between tall mountains and steep valleys. You can enjoy boat riding here and it also has some of the highest viewpoints in Europe.

Parting words...

It is hard to pinpoint a few points when it comes to the Nordic region as the entire region is filled with natural wonders. Therefore, do not forget to plan your trip well-in-advance if you want to make it your best Nordic tours and trips 2019. Also, do not forget to carry a camera to bring back astounding memories for your friends and relatives.

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