Non-Verbal Intercultural Communication Essay


Discuss about the Non-Verbal Intercultural Communication.



Non-verbal intercultural communication relates to effectiveness of communication between clients, workers and other individuals who belongs to different cultures. Besides this, non-verbal communication and thought outlines are also included. There are various cultural differences are seen worldwide e.g: Arabic language is written from right to left and most of other languages are written from left to right. Among countries the way of greetings to each other is also different. For example, in India, people join hands to say namaskar, but in America people shake hand and even hug each other. As we can see intercultural communication differences among people from different land. Here it is necessary to discuss that why intercultural communication is needed. Following are some essential reasons for this:

Intercultural Communication is required to be successful at international level.

Due to intercultural communication people from different culture can work at global level.

Intercultural Communication is good for worldwide marketing campaign of business.

For growth of business at international level, non-verbal intercultural communication is required. (eu, 2016)

Non-Verbal Intercultural Communication consists of two basic trends i.e. globalization and multicultural workforce. Globalization is a good way to reduce and remove barriers between national borders for facilitating flow of goods, services and labor. On other side, multi-cultural workforce states to the changing age, physical ability, ethnicity and race of employees at all types and places of work. From above discussion it is cleared that intercultural communication is required for business organizations and globalization plays an important role in it. Here is impact of globalization in every business field. (, 2016)

Impact of Globalization

Globalization spreads multiculturalism and collaboration. E.g: in animation industry for handling complex projects help is taken from foreign experts. At level of international tourism and travel, globalization also puts great influence. With the help of globalization, business of travel and tourism can be spread at international level. In sports industry, globalization also plays an important role. FIFA World cup, ICC World CUP and Olympic games are world level sports due to globalization and to maintain this relationship, inter-cultural communication is required.

Besides this, above important discussion of intercultural communication, there are also some other factors about intercultural communication that are necessary to discuss here.

To main a healthy intercultural communication, avoid assumptions and jokes that are misunderstood.

It is necessary to use symbols, pictures and diagrams

Local and cultural differences are necessary to taken into account.

Try to investigate perception of other culture which is necessary for a good intercultural communication.

Cultural Factors are also necessary to find out.

These above listed actions must be performed by individuals in intercultural communication. But following actions must not be performed by them.

Same approach of communication must not be used worldwide

Consideration of traditional knowledge and practices is backward. So must not be performed.

Fail to take language barriers into account.

These all above discussed factors are necessary to take into account by individuals worldwide. (Bharathi, 2016)

Article on Intercultural Communication

Here we have an article about intercultural communication “Barriers in Intercultural Communication”. In above discussion about intercultural communication, we have not discussed about essential barriers of intercultural communication. This is an important thing to discuss here. Ethnocentrism is one barrier in intercultural communication. It means an intercultural interaction will be influenced by ethnocentrism of an individual. Here beliefs of culture of an individual, puts influence over another culture’s beliefs. Another barrier in intercultural communication is anxiety. This is happened due to communication obstacles such as someone’ language ability, differences in expressions of emotions and differences in communication styles both verbal and non-verbal. (, 2016)

These barriers can cause some problems in intercultural communication. So it is necessary to mitigate these issues. This can be done by conscious awareness of the messages and actions that are used while communication. We know that it is difficult to learn every detail about unfamiliar culture, so in this case we should take initiative to understand at least its basic forms and important forms for successful intercultural communication. (, 2016)

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