Noise Barrier In Communication Essay


Discuss about the Noise Barrier in Communication.



Communication barrier is referred to as interference that might take place during the transmission of any information between the senders and the receiver. An effective communication can be affected if any external force acts between the sender and the receiver. According to Greenaway et al., (2015) barrier is a hurdle or frictions that distort an effective communication (Refer to the appendix). The essay depicts two different ways in which noise act as a barrier.

Discussion of Two Ways in Which Noise can act as a Barrier to Effective Communication

Among several communication barriers noise barrier contribute to the communication breakdown in most cases. Basically, three kinds of noise barriers are found such as internal noise barrier, semantic and external noise barrier (Knapp, Vangelisti & Caughlin, 2014). During analysis of internal barrier four factors such as belief, values, assumptions and defensiveness come under consideration. While sending any information to the receiver the mind setup of the person should be considered. According to Kaul, (2014) a good speaker is always a good listener who hears what lesser speakers fails to. While, people do not listen with the intent to understand rather they listen with the intent to reply then noise barrier ill occur. Greenaway et al., (2015) stated that, the greatest gift that a person can give to other person is purity in attention to what he is saying. When, a person does not listen to others or does not formulate any idea before speaking then, noise barrier occurs. Internal barriers occur from misinterpretation, premature evaluation, cultural barrier, semantic barriers etc.

External barrier occurs within the communication channel or medium shared by both sender and receiver (Bishop et al., 2013). Generally, this kind of barriers neither made by senders nor by the receivers. Assuming two people are communicating to each other over any digital channel and suddenly the medium breaks down then the listener will unable to listen to the sender further. Again, two communicate are talking and any third person interferes between them then, this is another kind of external noise barrier. Additionally, while more than two people are communicating to each other and everybody is trying to share their view point with one another then, no one will be able to understand what the other person trying to say. Traffic noise is another external noise barrier. Closed environmental climate is termed as another external communicant barrier. Knapp, Vangelisti and Caughlin, (2014) stated that, the art of communication is the language of leadership rather communication is the real work of leadership.


The essay described two different ways in which noise act as a barrier in an effective communication. Barriers can be of different types such as living barrier and non living barriers. Though noise barrier is a non living barrier but in most of the cases it gets generated by living beings. Therefore, in order to achieve a complete communication initial step is to identify the reason of the noise and then should reduce it. A proper communication must follow all the communicational steps such as- sender, medium, receiver and feedback.


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