"Nights of Cabiria (1957)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Federico Fellini - deep philosopher and a wonderful storyteller. His films are filled with characters that are sometimes so difficult to grasp, let alone solve. For me, his work has always been something mysterious, unknown and beautiful. Movies beckoned, seized, but remained far unsolved and some strangers. But with the film "Nights of Cabiria" was something unthinkable: she ran into my memory vivid, even in black and white pictures, awkward movements of a small Giulietta Masina, hysterical voice Larisa Pashkova and, of course, an amazing bright smile - a smile of Cabiria
. But first things first. The film is just great built compositionally. One after another, replaced by scenes from the life of the Roman prostitute Cabiria: cheating lover robbed and tried to kill the heroine; pustovat glamorous life of a famous actor, who ingenuous Cabiria tries to return unearned money; a prayer to the Virgin Mary; hypnosis, taking out the amusement of the audience a fun romantic vulnerable insides of seemingly cynical shell of street prostitutes; the last episode, crushing any hopes and dreams.
picture seems like an endless struggle imperceptible whether Cabiria with the world, or the world with Kabir. Paradoxically, in each of the composite part, in every little battle of the tiny, ridiculous, like crushed life heroine always wins. She again and again keeps himself, his gentle and kind heart.
Everything resigned to fate, the bottom (in the first place, moral), which is reached. Only Cabiria still have not forgotten how to dream. She firmly believes in the best. Alberto Lazzari movie star is not just good for her client, he character of a fairy tale, wonderful dreams and the illusory reality that creates a movie. The heroine so want to be a part of this illusion, but there is an amazing quality of Cabiria - natural keenness and vigilance. Perhaps she is trying to give the actor paid the money back, because he understands:. He is as poor as it is, except that poverty Alberto Lazzari another order
Cabiria impossible honest and decent. She believes in fairy tales, he lives in self-deception, but at the same time intuitively feels and rejects the false. The film disclosed subject interesting church, faith and religion - a very sensitive issue for Federico Fellini and all Italian art XX, but the XXI century. Cabiria prays to the Virgin Mary in a frenzy and sincerely. Yes, her candle goes out, but there must be eternal female intercessor hear and feel sorry for the heroine. The girl is full of faith and goodness, she is expecting a miracle. But again, a miracle occurs only in a light shower of Cabiria. All around the world, all the people around are the same. For them, prayer was an unusual pastime, another way to have fun in an original - no more. And in the wake of Cabiria rebel, furious theomachist. She is angry falsity, farcical ceremony. She finds another offender on his faith in something good, where did not expect.
Cabiria acquires new skin, but all too quickly and mercilessly this new protective shell breaks eminent hypnotist. The scene in which he is in front of the laughing audience, "pulls", "exposes" a romantic, a children's nature heroine infinitely terrible. Now offered for sale not only her body, but the most cherished dream.
Cabiria again crushed, Cabiria revived. Saves her love, true love turns out to be a false, like everything else in this world
end of the movie would have been too pessimistic and frightening, if Federico Fellini -. A great artist and a great connoisseur of the human soul - carefully and quietly would not let us down to the final, to the notorious catharsis, which is in the cinema, and literature oh how difficult to achieve. On the face crushed, weeping, exhausted Cabiria shone kind, radiant smile. Smile, as though speaking: Cabiria did not give up, Cabiria and this time won
10 of 10.

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