"Nights of Cabiria (1957)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

yNa one of the first semantic plans there are financial problems and the theme of social conflicts and problems. This picture is realistic, and still have it scanned characteristic individual features fellinievskogo style. Cabiria and Maria, the two sides of the same person, finds harmony.
movie theme permeated tragic, almost childlike naivete, searching for a better life. It would seem that deception for deception should harden it, to break the innocence and turn into cynicism. But ... this is not happening.
Episode Alberto Lazzari, a famous actor, emphasizes groteksno exaggerating, gaps that exist between the social circle to which belongs to the heroine, and the terms of the rich people. And ... against the background of liveliness, sincerity, the brightness of the image of the main character is clearly visible inner dirt, mendacity and hypocrisy of those in whose circle was Mary Chikarelli by accident.
prayer service at the Virgin Mary's Cabiria accidentally extinguished the candle, when a woman praying together with all requests of a better life. In this candle, if we peer into the subtext, hidden huge, fatal significance. This desire is not given true. Moreover, in our opinion, a candle is an omen of impending tragedy. The candle goes out, and Mary to go through such a shock, which previously it has not happened. But it erupted again lit her candle, and the woman herself, ugasnuv be able to light up again. In this candle, in a tiny, insignificant episode for us, Federico Fellini showed the basic essence of Cabiria, one of the key concepts of all cinematic. Even pogasnuv, a person who has attained harmony with oneself and the world, can catch fire again. Mary tormented strange feeling, it is terrible. Herself not knowing that she feels that she 's in trouble thickens ambulance. The trouble, from which it will be too difficult to recover.
hypnotist gaze, realized what had happened when the guinea whispers, "he did not cheat," opens, bares his soul to meet only ridicule and mockery, equally short and equally eloquent than extinct candle. Outsider, by chance baring all very bright, deeply hidden in a woman sees her fatal naivety and purity of soul. He sees and manages to understand what is obvious to the viewer. In this environment, the environment unable to understand its purity, and mocked her people Cabiria is also not a place. For them, as for the world of bohemia, it is too sincere, live, real. Too trusting
Another major theme is another concept movie -. Mary conflict. From the outside world, which is its vitality, its directness, simplicity, defies the hearing in response to "a liar, dreamer, crazy," and with each other. Kabiri and Mary - the two faces of the heroine. Cabiria - exterior face, born under the influence of the world, yet it gradually hardens. Marie - a girl with long hair, with his mother to attend Sunday mass. Girl, remaining forever in the soul of the protagonist. It was this girl rises to withstand the blow by blow. She succumbed to the urge, he walks behind the pilgrims wanting to be cleansed from the mud in which she had to live. And the famous final smile - a smile does not Cabiria and Mary. Two faces, having lost everything, starting with a new sheet, gain harmony interwoven into one
It is in the final, being among the carnival, the woman finds the desired happiness -. But it is not love. For her, it - the harmony, and above all - with you. But we understand that this final smile Fellini wants to tell us - the girl in Kabir died. And it will light up again and again - finding harmony with them, she would find harmony with the outside world
third special feature of the film -. Circular building plot. Film text begins with the scam because of the money. And it ends well. Only much worse and much more fatal to Cabiria. Giorgio picked forty thousand lire. Oscar took the Cabiria all -. The house that she believed in his love, has sold, the money she took from the account
Wanda, throughout the film serve as a voice of common sense, rationality, the only one who really does not spit on Cabiria, not the first time trying to reason with her friend, having given her happiness, to believe in him. Fellini seems to be saying to us: 'there's nothing can not be stopped "," trouble do not take »
I would like to say a few words about Oscar.. The fact that he conceived, it becomes obvious to the explicit level, only in the final. But a closer, thoughtful view we can see the tragedy coming soon. He is too intelligent, too helpful to the story was true. He had to understand hypnosis, that the soul of Mary dreams of a beautiful fairy tale, and gives her this tale, conquering girl. He does not matter who it is coming from. In his planned scam is what she lives, it does not matter for him
«Again the money!" -. Cabiria weeps who has realized the deception. And she was right. In this game of love, too cloying, too fast, too strange (and would have cost Mary a little more rational to look at it, she would have seen it), the value had only money. would have killed Oscar (we, among other things, we believe that in fact his name was quite different) it? Hardly. And the final close-up with him - a clear confirmation. In the eyes visible confusion, excitement, maybe even fear, but not the desire to kill. Not thoughts of murder. He only wanted to take her money, but the thought of murder flashed spontaneously on the shore and disappeared. Perhaps, moreover, that such a scam man started for the first time
personal development, to achieve harmony with the resolution of the internal conflict, the hero of reconciliation with the outside world, enlightenment -. These are the basic concepts of "Nights of Cabiria," which can be found in them, carefully peered into the film. The tragic naivete and unquenchable human preserving inner light, even if the light is contrary to the false and vulgar world - something that shows us the "Fellini". The play of light (face Cabiria sometimes shines, even in black and white film), a skillful combination of close-up with a common, though isolated, delimited Cabiria and, sometimes, other characters from the environment, non-transferable facial expressions and gestures Giulietta Masina, charming charisma Francois Perier, game Franca Marzi views (Wanda) ... it Federico Fellini was able to very subtly and organically combine to create is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding films of his work. Every detail is imbued with meaning, each episode, revealing a separate incident in the life of Cabiria, at the deepest levels, and this is almost an explicit expression that is woven into a single, linear, painfully sincere story of a woman, which has not been able to break the world. On the contrary, taking away from it all, the world has given her a harmony and enlightenment. And to achieve this harmony with oneself and the world, unanimously noted by many critics and ordinary viewers who have viewed thoughtful texts born Federico Fellini, and together with them and we - a bright, characteristic of his cinematic language
10 of 10.

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