Nicotine Dependence And Smoking Cessation Essay


Discuss about the Nicotine Dependence and Smoking Cessation.



Health behavior is a person's beliefs and actions regarding their health and wellbeing. People have different beliefs and perceptions concerning their health. This explains why different people take different precautions when it comes to their health. Health behavior also determines the diet preferences of a person since the food that a person consumes influences their health greatly (Martin, Haskard-Zolnierek,&DiMatteo, 2010).The health behavior of an individual determines how whether or not they are living a healthy lifestyle. The health behavior discussed in this report is smoking tobacco. Smoking tobacco is a habit that has detrimental effects on the health of a human being ( Institute of Medicine (U.S.), Bonnie, Stratton & Wallace, 2007). This report discusses the steps taken to change the tobacco smoking behavior. The decisional balance matrix is used to identify the positive and negative aspects of the health behavior.

A habit that needs change: Tobacco smoking habit

Good things about behavior

· Smoking prevents Ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative colitis inflammatory bowel disease which is caused by the immune system attacking the gut.

· Smoking tobacco protects against Parkinson`s disease

· Tobacco smoking suppresses appetite and hence prevents obesity

Good things about quitting smoking

· By quitting smoking, a person can breathe more easily and reduces coughing (Glanz, Rimer&Viswanath, 2015).It means that their lung capacity improves by more than 10%.

· By quitting tobacco smoking, the blood circulation of an individual improves

· Energy levels in the body increase when a person is quitting and hence making a person more active ( Gochman, 2007).

· Quitting smoking is beneficial to an individual since the stress levels of an individual reduce significantly

· Quitting smoking improves individual's sex life.

· Improves senses of smell and taste

· Makes skin look young since it reduces aging

· Increases the lifespan of an individual and their general health

Not so good things about tobacco smoking

· Causes breathing difficulties

· Brings about respiratory-related illnesses such as liver cancer( In Lillar, & In Christopoulou, 2015)

· Tobacco smoking affects the heart

· Causes increased blood pressure and diabetes

· Incidences of erectile dysfunction are common among smokers

· Brings about social problems such as breaking of marriages

· Tobacco smoking brings about renal diseases and complications( Lluch, 2009).

· Smoking of tobacco affects breath and causes teeth discoloration

· Tobacco smoking has psychological effects on the users

Not so good things about quitting tobacco smoking

· Withdrawal effects may cause a person to become less active

· By stopping smoking instantly, an individual can experience problems in seeing or may get constant headaches (Brizer& Overdrive Inc, 2011)

· Brings about dizziness

· Increase in anxiety and mental confusion

· Depression

The items on the list are equally important. It is because the items have a huge impact on the behavior change of an individual. To quit smoking, it is important to understand the pros and cons of quitting smoking ( Edberg, 2015). It is analyzed by determining the effects of tobacco smoking on health. The potential good things about smoking are also analyzed to weigh the two and determine whether or not the health behavior should be changed. By giving the items on the list equal importance or consideration, the need for behavior change can be determined and hence help to initiate the process of behavior change.

From the analysis of the pros and cons of tobacco smoking using the decision matrix model, it is easy to gauge the motivation to change the behavior. Motivation to quit smoking is very high. It is because the cons of smoking are more than the pros of smoking. The disadvantage of tobacco smoking to health are very many compared to the good things experienced with smoking.The motivation for changing the smoking behavior is guided by the need to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid the shortcomings that come with the smoking habit. The smoking habit has much health, social and psychological effects on a smoker have a huge negative impact on health and hence the great motivation to achieve the change in behavior( Little, Sillence&Joinson, 2016).

My score of readiness to change is 4 out of 5. I think it is very important to quit smoking because the habit has already started affecting my health and am already addicted. I have huge confidence that I will change because I before I never understood the effects that smoking has on my health.

I gave myself four and not three or two because I have the will and passion for changing since having been thinking about quitting smoking for a while now ( Owens, 2015). I will also get professional advice to quit smoking and hence the huge confident I have in quitting the habit.

I think it is very important for me to change the smoking habit to avoid suffering the effects of poor health that come to some a result of smoking. My score on the importance of changing the behavior is five out of five. It is because I understand how cigarette smoking affects my health and hence I think its very important to change the habit.

I would give myself a higher confidence score on the confidence I have in changing the habit if I changed the friends with whom I spend most of my time. It is because most of them are smokers and hence may affect my rehabilitation program.


The pros of smoking include preventing Parnkington disease, suppresses appetite and hence preventing obesity. Another importance of smoking is that it prevents Ulcerative colitis. The cons of smoking habit are however more and have a great effect more than the pros. Tobacco smoking causes blood pressure and liver diseases, psychological problems as well as social problems. I have great confidence that I will be able to change the behavior because am committed to begin physical exercise and to keep myself busier to help reduce the number of cigarettes is smoke per day. I believe it is important for me to quit smoking because of the potential negative health effects that it has on my health.


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