"New Cinema 'Paradiso'" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

This is the first film in my memory, which I liked, but that I did not know what to write. Not because they have nothing to say, but because overwhelmed with emotions that are torn out, but did not want to put on the words. And I can not really articulate about what film or what morals .. I definitely know is that it was something infinitely sincere, living, reverent, clean and bright, and the more pure the more sad sometimes. .. and it has penetrated somewhere very deep and responded strong emotional wave.
The film reflects three stages of life of the hero-hungry, but in his own happy childhood, when he was a charming curious little boy 7-8 years, youth where he was handsome, but ardent young man 18-19 years old, and the power, satisfying the maturity of which th one has to look back and to plunge into the memories. For each age is characterized by its problems and experiences, their emotions, their experiences, hopes, dreams, and fears, and all this is reflected in the corresponding stage of the film. And in each stage has its own atmosphere, its own drama, its own color palette, his mood and sensory-emotional background, and its wisdom. And yet there is in them something in common that brings together, for a single entity, the total rod, through which the film is perceived in a holistic and harmonious.
main nastroennichesky gives impetus stage 'Childhood'. Little Toto enjoy playing until little boy that fall in love with a glance at it. I do not know how to entice a child so genuinely and organically to play, but it was done, and the very charm and parnishka- neposredstvennost- in everything, every little detail. Vzglyady- naive, curious, crafty, shkodnye, funny, sad, guilty, surprised, enthusiastic smiles .. .. This is not a game, but absolutely real life of the child, passing on our glazah- manifested on the canvas with bright brush strokes, of which blooms emotional circuit and event-driven point. Inspiration, sunny, anxious, and very touching without pressure on the pity.
And a special mood and atmosphere is created by Toto line relationship with his friend and mentor Alfredo. Perhaps this relationship is the very core, that combines part of the film together. Friendly, honest, sincere human relationships. The kid Toto, who has lost his father the war, badly needed a father, and for lone Alfredo nakopivsheego for life, already tending to a close, a lot of unspent love for children, which he have not had a chance, and simple worldly wisdom, which had no one to share, Toto was a delight and joy. They found each other in this turbulent ocean of life, and their tender affection for each other, pure love, in the best sense of the word, and gives probably the most anxious mood of the film, which is so strongly touches. The late Philippe Noiret special thank you for the role of Alfredo. Simple hunky illiterate, from morning till night torque movies in a movie theater, a lonely, childless ... But how much goodness in this man, the heat, how much love, how much wisdom! Even after the tragic events, which seem to break any, he has not become embittered. Yes, became more melancholy, but gradually closed up, but he has not lost his boundless love, and discouraging heat, he remained true to himself until the last day - kind, sensitive ... Alfredo
This film conveys the emotional state of the natural, simple, but very thin, anxious attitude, which is very difficult to describe. They need to feel. And Tornatore offers the viewer the opportunity. It does not show anything extraordinary, amazing, sensational, spectacular. But it gives an opportunity to the common, ordinary people live such chuvstva- simple but profound, that it is hardly possible to remain indifferent to this film. By kr. least I have it clearly did not work. I lived those emotions pass through itself, and they stayed with me. Invaluable experience and wisdom of life.
Summary. Gorgeous, sensual, honest, and very sensitive film. By viewing recommended.

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