"New Cinema 'Paradiso'" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Tornatore film - a window into the past, into a busy life of a small Sicilian town, carved by human hand, spawned and hotly in love with cinema. With his light hand started a new era in the history of Italian cinema. The era of "Oscar" for best foreign film and emotional, filled with optimism paintings "Life is Beautiful", "Mediterranean"
... In a sense, "Cinema" reminiscent of "Amarcord" Fellini - the same "nostalgic postmodernism", a mixture of the ridiculous with sentimental entanglement of rational reality with the idealized memories. But here, these memories are not chaotic: they are linear and restore some detail the story of the protagonist and his love for the cinema, originated in deep childhood
There once was a little boy named Toto.. His father went missing in the vast Russian fields during the war. His mother was a sister and ran the household, and Toto served the old priest. The latter is not only preached, but also acted as a censor: going to the cinema "Paradiso" in his spare time and watched the projectionist to carefully cut out all the kisses, not to mention something more serious. So Toto got into the habit to run the cinema to the past Alfredo. Mechanic, in his own way attaching herself to the boy unwittingly encouraged his interest in cinema: sometimes gave trimmed frames, are free of charge at the sessions. In the end, Toto even persuaded him to give a couple of lessons dealing with the projection apparatus. However, in the shower Alfredo believed that because boys will sense - a provincial theater is too small for him
During heavy fire Toto pulled his older friend from the fire, but Alfredo, though still alive, lost his sight.. The people demanded spectacle and theater rebuilt in an even more brilliant form. A sixth grader Toto became the chief projectionist, because only he knew the art of treatment of the film. Year after year, the film of the film, he grew up, matured, and now, finally, met the first love. The history of feeling shy originated between Toto and the beautiful Helene, and grew up in the real flame, was no worse than a movie - with the difference that it's not so easy in life. The girl's parents are rich snobs in my life would not allow her to marry a projectionist, who lives in a tiny house with his mother and sister, and earning a pittance. Toto and Elena were stronger, because love alien class distinctions. But that's against the intrigue and cunning she was powerless
If some larger circle of viewers will like the love story, then I grabbed another topic -. The origin, development and decline of the cinema. There was a time when the cinema was the only entertainment for the villagers. They were bursting with crowds taking out of the house chairs, and greedily coveted to the screen, not just watching a movie. Spectators amazingly vividly drawn pen Tornatore do in "Paradiso" anything: gossip, spit on the head with a balcony, eating, drinking, sex, breast-fed children. Cinema for them - the center of the world, much more cozy and private analog of the town square. Silent movie changed the sound, black and white - color, clothes become more open, dialogue - more relaxed, and seemed to "Paradiso" never heal people's path. But now it appeared - television. Now everyone can get their own TV, which made it possible to watch movies all day, free of charge. Toto at the time was no longer in his native town, he conquered Rome, and "Paradiso" looked sadly at the empty streets with their windows boarded up. Thus ended the era of cinema.
But we know that the studio was not given television fix coffin. Television provoked the first but not the only crisis. Theaters have experienced three periods of potential exodus of viewers of cinema: widespread television (1950 in the US); appearance of consumer video recording (line 1970-1980); dissemination of technology watch movies over the Internet (the beginning of the XXI century). Nevertheless, the patient is still more alive than dead. Distributors are struggling with a tendency to view the individual, improving cinemas and improving technology. The battle is not yet lost.
Here's what topics we can speculate, watching this great tape Giuseppe Tornatore. I did not write about the love interest and strange things Alfredo, because this is a topic for another discussion. In any case, certainly not indifferent to the cinema should look "new cinema" Paradiso ", and it is desirable - in trehchasoy director's version. Those three hours fly by unnoticed, leaving behind ... no, not a lump in the throat, but - a clot of warmth and tenderness in the soul.

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