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Discuss about the Networking Systems for Software Defined Networking.



Networking is really important for any company or firm as this helps them to transfer files and resources within the home network. Setting up a network also helps in connecting every other server in the local area network and the transmission of files also becomes quite easy and fast. One user can look on to the system of another user who is connected in the same network. There are some problems also while implementing the network in a firm and that is, the network needs to be kept safe and secure from any external authorization. The network consists of seven layers and the packet of data had to travel from all these seven layers when they go from a user to server and while returning a reply, the packet of data follows the same path but vice-versa. Networking is very useful when used for small network as then, no external storage devices are required and also the transmission of data is quite fast too. Advantage of having an in house network is that it is safe from any kind of threat and the network analyzer needs to keep a close eye on the access that is being made on the network. It anyone is trying to gain access without proper authorization, the user should be blocked then and there only. Also, the network manager should try to upgrade the systems for better transmission of data.

In the following report, the need of communication network is discussed and also the importance of the communication network is shown. It also discusses the eminent problems while integrating the network part within the system also what qualifications are required that the company is searching for in cooperate network manager.

SM’s Business Goals and their Technical Goals based on Business Requirements

Sheehan Marketing or SM is basically a mid-sized firm that mainly focuses on film/video and music. To stay in the market, the president of Sheehan Marketing understands that they need to upgrade their systems in order to stay in the market and to be competitive [3]. For this to happen, they need their information system to work more efficiently so that each branch can work independently and the entire database should be connected to the main head office for faster transmission of data regarding any project. In order to do so, the firm needs to hire a network technologist who could help the firm oversee their problems and also helps in maintaining Sheehan Marketing’s data [5]. The main goal of Sheehan Marketing would be the integration and co-ordination of data communication that needs to set up across every branch office which will help them to be competitive and also help them to improve more in the future. Another major goal for the firm is to hire someone who is good with networking technology so that the person is able to guide the firm about all the networking problems and also helps in connecting all the branch offices with the main one [10].

In order to achieve all the technical goals, they would have to hire a network specialist who can help them to look into their problems and also helps them managing all their data. In order to remain in the market, they need to upgrade their systems by improving the communication between all the branch offices and head offices [11]. Currently the firm has no interconnection with any branch which means that information cannot be shared with all the branches if one is having. The problem is that each branch has its own database about their clients and projects and the head office is unaware of it and due to this, the firm cannot make any decisions. So in order to keep up with these problems, they need an on-site technical support which can help them to keep their LANs working smoothly and also all the offices should be connected with the main office as well as others so that information can be shared among every level [1].

SM’s Data Communication Needs

The need for communication for Sheehan Marketing is really important as this would help the company to connect the entire databases of all the branches with the head office and also among each other. This would ensure the efficient working of all the branches as there will be sharing of information resources which will help others to know about the working [13]. Also connecting the databases with the main head office will help the firm to evaluate what they are lacking and what they need to do to improve it. This would give the firm a competitive advantage over the others which will help them to remain in the market. Communication is also important as this would help the company to improve their service quality and by communication with their clients, they can know what the customers want and also in house communication is also important as by this they can also know the problems their employees are facing while working in there. Communication makes the flow of information much easy to get and transfer [9]. Communication also helps in bringing new innovative ideas among the employees by which the firm can make more profit and also this helps in building an effective team which and this would indeed help in the growth of the company as by this all the employees can able to know what is going on within other branches so that others can also work accordingly to that and help in increasing the productivity. Communication is also important as this ensures the transparency among the organization. This would help the company as this would ensure the flow of information to every level among all the branches and by this other sub branches can also share their information and update the main office with the number of new clients and projects that they got. This will help the company to evaluate this information and also help them to make better decision which in turn will help the company to grow more [2]. All these things would be solved if the company can hire any networking specialist who will help them to solve all these problems so that company can work more effectively.

Problems while Integrating and Coordinating the Networks

There are some problems with the proposed integration and coordination of the required networks. First is the issue of managing all these huge data from every branch would be quite difficult and to manage all these data, the company needs to hire a specialized IT professional who is aware of what he/she is doing and also this will help in managing all these. Managing all these data are not that easy as there will be huge amount of data and also the retrieval of data is also required and if necessary, the data might needs to be changed and also to make sure that all these data will reflect in other branches too so that there will be no miscommunication. Some of the data should be available for the high level employees only and there should be a limited amount of data accessibility for rest of the employees [3]. Second is that the network should be made secure from any kind of threats else one can get in to the network and steal those data or even manipulate the data or erasing them. Third issue would be that if all the systems are not synchronized properly then this might led to failure of system or even the data might get deleted. Fourth problem is that if there is any technical error within the networking system then the whole process would stop then and there only. The fifth problem is that they need to have a LAN administrator who will look onto these matters and to check thoroughly if there is any problem or not. They are also responsible to check for any loopholes that might be present within the networking systems else one might sniff into the networks and can also inject any kind of malware which can cripple the system for good. Sixth is that there should be on-site technical support team who can help the employees with the networking problems. Without them, if the employees face any kind of problems, then they will not be able to identify the exact problem and by this all their work will stop which can prove to be futile [8].

Skills Required for New Co-operate Networking Technology Manager

In order to meet the company’s requirement of communication among all the levels, the company need to hire a network specialist who can do this possible. The company also needs to inter connect all the databases from all the branches so that sharing of information resource can be made possible which will ensure the smooth working of everything among the communication [7]. For all this things, the firm needs to hire someone who is quite experienced and has a good knowledge over networking and database and also know how to connect different databases among each other so that employees at different level as well as different branches can access these databases. One should also have a proper knowledge about which networking system would be best for the firm [14]. They should also be able to do a critical thinking about any problems and should be able to provide an alternate solution to overcome those problems. They are also responsible for monitoring of the network for any suspicious activities and if found any, they should be able to stop it there only. Also they should known to implement network security so that unauthorized access can be stopped. They also know how to write networking programs and should have a good sense of making judgement regarding any network related issues and also help in decision making. They should do a full system analysis and evaluation on a timely basis and should try to update their systems [12]. They should also know how to do troubleshoot in different systems and should also help in designing the technology. They should also conduct quality control analysis to see what the networking system is missing and also to update the system according to the report. They should also make sure that ever thing is working properly and that data can be accessed and send to all the respective branches within time. They should also try to teach other employees about the system mechanisms so that they can work more efficiently [5]. They should also try to provide some unique solutions to the problems and should have a good negotiation power when the firm needs to install any network related something.


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