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Zeus is referred to as an affected network system that has become a nightmare to the baking industries. In order to manage and build a botnet Zeus is used as a toolkit which is helpful to provide malware creator for the required tools. Due to this malware attack most of the banking companies are getting badly affected and the revenue structures of the banking sector are also effecting negatively [3]. For updating and controlling the botnet and for retrieving and organizing the information set that have been retrieved by the management must be used by the control panel.

In order to keep the data set secured from different external attackers it is necessary for the banking industrial head to analyze the issues properly. Many companies are there who are facing continuous destruction from these attacks. From the history of Zeus, the details of different versions of Zeus are also elaborated in this literature review. In addition to this the application details in the industrial domain is also illustrated in this literature review [5]. With the help of this technology the attackers would be able to hijack information from the server. Different functionalities of Zeus are also elaborated in this literature review.

History of Zeus

Zeus is a kind of Trojan horse that is generally used by the attackers to steal banking level information with the help of different form grabber and key loggers. The keys those are stuck on to the key board of the users could be tracked with the help of the key logger software. It means that, after this specified Trojan attack whatever the user will type on their computer will be recorded. For retrieving the details of bank login, financial details, passwords, user identities the attackers use this with malicious intent [1]. Even, for website injection also this Trojan horse is used by the cyber criminal. It is again able to provide extra sensitive data to these lawful web pages. In the year of 2007, this Trojan was discovered, during the stealing of data from the United State’s transportation department. Many companies were both directly and indirectly infected with the Zeus virus such as Bank of America, NASA, ABC, Oracle etc. Survey report says that more than 20,000 companies were infected with the Zeus Trojan horse [8]. However, the origin of Zeus is contradicted due to the source code selling.

In different cases it has been defined that, mostly the hackers use this kind of Trojan horse for stealing confidential information from data server. From the business perspective this particular approach is not at all helpful as it breaks the industrial confidentiality. In some cases the already affected users are also warned by the message body. Mostly for maintaining the financial details, the message bodies inform the affected users [2]. This sort if malware are used to send different spam messages as soon as the attackers click on the link, the computer is compromised.

From past decades the spontaneous the rate of cyber attacks is increasing rapidly and reduction of those attacks rates are needed. From the very initial days further functionalities those have been served by the Zeus botnet are as follows:

  • It is used to gather information from different domain
  • It hijacks protected information those have been stored in the data server, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and POP3 password as well
  • Hijacks online confidential data those have been specified in the configuration file
  • In order to perform the additional tasks the command and control server are contacted

Loss faced by companies due to Zeus

There are different companies that faced major losses after the first discovery of the Zeus Trojan virus in the year of 2007. Many large and well known companies were affected due to this attack such as Amazon, NASA, Oracle, Bank of America and Business weeks and many others [1]. After the discovery of Trojan horse over 20,000 companies were infected and even blackberry and android were also infected with this. Many other companies are also there which have shown the Zeus botnet activity. More than 20 companies those have significantly consumer focused brands like Google, were completely excluded from the study area [6].

Different versions of Zeus

Different tools are there that helps to accomplish the working principle of Zeus botnet and the necessary tools are as follows: Zeus Toolkit, test bed, XAMPP, attackers and victim machines, aegis crypter, WIN7 and WINXP virtual box etc [3].

Zeus or the Neptune serer is referred to as one of the best servers which are dependent upon the number of factors. For selecting specified server proper process is needed to be selected. For sorting accurate process version must be elected by the managerial heads. Based upon the needs in the industrial sectors different Zeus versions are available in the market [7]. The users are allowed to download their desired versions. From 2007 to 2015 even no such complimentary Trojan is discovered thus, Zeus itself was highlighted as a notorious one.

Zeus Botnet version This version of Zeus requires certain guidelines like 2 GB RAM, 2 CPU at 2 GHz, infrastructures like MySQL, PHP 5.2.6 Send Optimizer etc [2]. Backconnect functionality is another feature served by this particular Version.

Zeus Botnet version This Botnet version was released in the year of 2010.

Zeus Botnet version It could capture credentials over POP3 and FTP and as the associate configuration file is encrypted thus it could kill an entire operating system.


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