Network Security From High-Security Units Essay


How to Do Network Security From High-Security Units?



In today’s time, the business relies on the secured ICT systems where one can focus on laying down the technology with Network Security Services. s per the number of studies approximately ninety-one percent all the organizations get easily attacked normally once in last two years which makes it a very serious issue. Security of network lays a basic foundation of many secured ICT systems (Lu et al., 2013).

Concept of network security

According to the article selected on T systems, GmbH, 2017, the criminal gang are using the sophisticated malware to mainly target the organizations inorder to steal all the valuable data. To be able to save the system from the attacks, the team in company looks for options on internet. The companies have to hire a team that can look for number of options to evaluate different kind of sources all the time. According to Kaspersky Global IT Security Risk Survey of 2013, there are 91% of the companies which have been attacked atleast once along with laying out the foundation of ICT (Lu et al, 2013). The administrators are facing the challenges for the adaptation of network security systems where Deutsche Telekom’s honeypots are able to record approximately 800,000 attacks every day. A well-managed system does much more than just saving the corporate based network from many diverse attacks. There are specific complementary services as well like location-based networking through VPN, DNS based services, and Radius that are a huge help as well. Such services are also managed with the help of T systems security based specialists who are consistently up for many options like finding through various studies. Customers can determine to put the complete managed system and also select between a hosted based solutions. The concept of the firewall is managed sometime by various experts in either case (Zhu et al., 2011).

Network security from high-security units

The necessary infrastructure is primarily hosted by many network security services which are places in high security and are certified with various data units. In every case, the level of security and presence given by different services is very high than technology functioned by the organizations and every kind of cost are normally lower, all thanks to professional as well as scalable infrastructure (Panteli & Kirschen, 2011).

Moral theories

Social contract

The concept of morality basis can be defined as rules that are for rational people that will have an agreement to obey for more advantages together and provide other people and also obey them at the same time (Singer, 2011). In specific situations, there is no place for any industry since the outcome is not certain and at the same time cyber attack in social contract based on network security can breach the trust, and the companies become vulnerable (GmbH, 2017).


It is important for every human being to function as per whatever is produced with an immense balance of happiness over complete unhappiness for every human being who will get affected by different actions (Noddings, 2013). It is important to select the overall action that will manufacture the best results for all people that impacted by different actions. The cyber attacks are impacting the company's stature in the market and bringing balance; it is crucial to deal with the problem with utmost care (GmbH, 2017).


The basic approach to moral theory is known as deontology concept which is because of Immanuel Kant. The theory says that act that is as per the maxim by which people at some time will be able to become a universal kind of law. Therefore, it becomes necessary to treat the whole humanity well whether it is related to one's person or in other cases as an end and not as means (Nussbaum, 2013). Cyber attack and network security are becoming a universal problem since it is impacting people at large (GmbH, 2017).

Virtue based ethics

Many people can easily trace the origin of many ethics which come under virtue and the writings in Nicomachean Ethics (Singer, 2011). Virtue based ethics are more or less related to detailed account of all every possible virtue and the overall qualities of the character where people require to do well in life. The principle also maintains the overall development of many human-based virtues as the most based concern for ethics. Cybersecurity and attacks question the morality of the issues and companies are in a very vulnerable situation to lose everything in a blink (GmbH, 2017).


The concern of secretly has been a major concern and threat for the organization as well as government (Susanto12 et al., 2011). There are so many intrusions that are detected in the past for some reasons. It is very important to assume that the data can be of no or little value and many adversaries are not looking at many kinds of classified data. There are many kinds of activities as well which are observed and also has an economic based aim. Following are so of the recommendations: -

  1. White-listing: when this process executed in the proper manner, it become very hard for any adversary to be able to impact the ICT system of a company. The application can be called as a technical kind of measure that only permits particularly many authorized works to operate on the system (Susanto12 et al., 2011).
  2. A software based patch is some pieces of technology specifically designed to solve issues or also update a computer program. The patching in organization system also encompasses the second as well as third mitigation based strategies. It is also very important to make a patch in the operating system as well as an application within a time frame for many serious issues (Susanto12 et al., 2011).
  3. Very often, there are opinions that by this system without any testing, something might break on the whole system. In the main cases, patching will impact the function of the organization's ICT system. It is crucial to perfectly balance the risk that exists between taking many weeks to evaluate the patches and also saving serious issues within some period timeframe (Susanto12 et al., 2011).


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