Negligence Case Study Of Aldi Supermarkets Essay


Discuss about the Negligence Case Study of Aldi Supermarkets.


Case history:-

Tamara was very much involved in chocolates .Her chocolate was just sold in one shop was Aldi Supermarkets. She used to visit the supermarket every day to buy her favourite chocolate bar but it was her misfortune that the chocolate was always sold. She used to get very upset every time she used to find that no chocolate is left for her.

It was one wet morning where she walking down the streets and she saw that in the Supermarket there was her favourite chocolate bar but only one piece was left. She after seeing this started running super-fast. She also saw that one customer was going to buy the same chocolate . She after seeing this started running more faster. As soon as she reached the shop she blunders on a wet patch of liquefied ice cream and interruptions on her back

She was admitted in the hospital due to major injury and was charged $700000 due to her injury.

She was very frustrated with the incident and because of the frustration she thought of charging the amount to Aldi Supermarkets for the account of negligence.

After the incident the management of the Supermarkets defended that their staffs cleans the corridor and all the spillage every 40 minutes. They scrub off every damage in every 40 minutes (Critical Care, 2017)

The issue over here is whether Aldi Supermarkets are liable for any damages that are asked by Tamara. Can Tamara will be successful in seeing The management of Aldi Supermarkets.

Investigation of the provision related to negligence:

Destruction to possessions or secluded grievance started by any person is a mannerly inapt and called as wrongdoing or tort. Any act which is not deliberate or planned then such action is known as tort which is unintentional and in authorized footings it is known as unintended tort. A type of inadvertent chance which results to twisted damage, property impairment or economic damage. We can say in this case the person is injured because the particular individual was not careful in his or her actions. The discrete who started the bad luck will be called as daydreaming as the individual was unsuccessful to be careful . (US legal, 2017)

In modest words we can conclude that inattentiveness of any person leads him to suffering or any damage physically ,monetary then the frontal person will be officially responsible and answerable or answerable for such impairment (Justin , 2017)

Inattentiveness is the supreme normally pled of unintended torts, and the subcategories of inattentiveness, such as:

  • Hand-me-down obligation,
  • Comparative carelessness,
  • Dominant carelessness, and
  • Unrefined carelessness

There are four rudiments which can impervious that criminal or the committer or the offender has signified inattentively and as a consequence the victim was in a problematic situation . These four rudiments can be discussed in detail:

  • Answerability of care:
  • Breakdown in accountability
  • Caution
  • Compensations (Find Law, 2017)

For the protection a carelessness we are discussing many ways below :-

  • If the accused who is charged with a penalty then the accuser can prove that he was acting diligently
  • If the offender demonstrates that the level of maintenance has not been fulfilled (FindLaw, 2016)
  • If the perpetrator validates that his conducts or behaviours are not for any of the impairments that the prey has experienced

If the perpetrator validates that the complainant attempt was the motive for the injury. It also called powerful inattentiveness.

.Contributory negligence is common-law authorities is usually a defines to a right founded on neglect, an deed in tort. It says that any person was injured by his/ her own negligence then the party who is injured will not be entitled to collect any damages. Underneath this law, a badly incapacitated person who was only somewhat neglectful could not win the law against a very neglectful respondent. In the past few periods, most conditions have accepted a test based on comparative negligence. Careless driving, drink and drive are examples of contributory negligence (Justin, 2017)


While arriving at the conclusion we can see that Tamara will not be successful in putting any blame and any damage loss to Aldi Supermarkets. . It was due fault of Tamara. Her carelessness run, her desperate attempt to buy the chocolate was the reason of the damage. In modest words we can conclude that inattentiveness of any person leads him to suffering or any damage physically ,monetary then the frontal person will be officially responsible and answerable or answerable for such impairment. The Supermarket management have acted conscientiously as they have the process of cleaning any spillage every 40 minutes to avoid any accident. she slips on a puddle of melted ice cream and breaks her back. They conduct their part with appropriate and sensible care. The perpetrator have the capability to take numerous inspirations in interpretation to preserve themselves from applicant prerogative. We see that they factually metal the echelons of care fortification. They have a positive point to determine that their happenings will not be considered as reason for the defacement activated to the complainant. The petitioner action was the sole reason for any damage as Tamara was running disproportion towards the chocolate with no proper care and caution .

The supermarket owner has a valid point that they were diligently following their duties and cleaning any spillage at intervals and they should not be responsible for any loss caused to Tamara . No negligence issue was on part on the Supermarket and they will not be liable for any loss. Tamara is wrong in her attempt to sue the Supermarket .


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