Ned kelly saved my life Essay

Splish, splash, splosh! I dashed through the clearing between the trees, desperate to arrive at school on time. After many days of pouring rain, all there was left were large, irregular shaped puddles on the ground. It was early 1866, a cold, windy morning. The trees swayed in the strong breeze; I could feel it underneath my thick coat! The leaves hanging from the thick branches draped over my head, allowing few rays of sunlight to pass. The land in front of me was damp and shady, it was making me feel uncomfortable… ‘What will my teachers think if I arrive late?’, I thought as I quickened my pace. I drew a warm breath on my cold hands. I spotted my school in the distance; I had a long way to go. A gush of wind rushed past as I slowed down to catch my breath. Feeling cold air on my head, I turned around, frantically searching for where my hat had vanished. I spotted it flying towards Hughes Creek. I ran towards it and outstretched my arm to seize it, but my hat slipped through my fingers and landed in the creek. The river was running quickly, I didn’t know what to do. Instantly, I reached for the long stick beside me. Leaning over the edge of the creek, I bent over to try and scoop up my hat. ‘Just a bit more",’ I thought. I was trying to be optimistic about my plan, but I had a strong feeling that something will happen. As my hat drifted away with the current, I leaned towards it, hopeful that I could retrieve it… Splash! The one thing I was avoiding. I screamed at the top of my lungs. The freezing water whitened my fingers. With every second, I was becoming stiffer. I would think that my thick coat would prevent me from freezing to death, but my coat, and my backpack, were in fact weighing me down. I was moving further away from the cloudy sky. I waved my arms around desperately trying to attract attention. I couldn’t swim, and worse, I couldn’t breathe. I squinted my eyes in the water trying to recognise the other figure in the water. My eyes were stinging, my vision was hazy but still, I forced them open. It grabbed my wrist, my heart stopped. I was being pulled out of the water. Luckily, I was back on land very shortly. I tried to see my saviour. He had brown hair that stuck to his face and dark shadowy eyes. There stood Ned Kelly, he was my saviour.

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