Necessity of cyber security awareness among graduate students Essay

Technological advancements in the recent years made the challenges in the implementation of cyber security. Today’s students are using payment gateways to implement in their academic projects without having awareness about various cyber threats for making secure payments online. This is not only the case where cyber security is implemented; there are several other incidents also where cyber security is playing important role in the project. Students who are beginners and implementing digital payments gateway, we conclude that this study is important in the aspect of creating and analyzing awareness of cyber security. Social media also allow to implement the cyber security.

For this study, researchers has included a number of graduate students of computer application course to measure the extent of security awareness level among them.

Cyber Security awareness

Security awareness is knowledge combined with attitudes and behaviors that serve to protect our information assets. Being cyber security aware means you understand what the threats are and you take the right steps to prevent them.[1]

Security awareness in terms of cyber security describes the information threats that allows to enter in anybody’s computing environment and restricting to perform necessary steps. There is a need of formal security awareness training workshops and seminars for all students before completion of their course and those who are using online payment gateways to make digital payments should ensure that proper security measures are available and properly implemented.

Security awareness are forced to implement for secure digital payments and giving user a message the payment is secured for both the parties, sender as well as receiver also.

Awareness is defined in NIST Special Publication 800-16 as follows: “Awareness is not training. The purpose of awareness presentations is simply to focus attention on security. Awareness presentations are intended to allow individuals to recognize IT security concerns and respond accordingly. In awareness activities, the learner is the recipient of information, whereas the learner in a training environment has a more active role. Awareness relies on reaching broad audiences with attractive packaging techniques. Training is more formal, having a goal of building knowledge and skills to facilitate the job performance”

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