Ndia, software engineering in defence, challenges in system engineering Essay

The first issue is that Software engineers should be qualified

and experienced

to work for system engineers but there is shortage in System e

ngineers in both

industry as well as government . Now there is a bad situation w

here engineers

by the migration of systems engineers in mid-career or due to

some inequities

in compensation",benefits as well as incentives vs industry.

the defense complex

(industry and government) is no longer an “employer of choic

e millennial are

normally no longer fond with defense as a whole as they typica

lly consider it


Sometimes there is inadequate or poor credit within governm

ent or industry

program management offices of the value of system engineers wh

ich they believe

arise by gap in the understanding of systems engineering fun

ctions and benefits

. there is a recognized definition of systems engineering pro

cesses but a mature

definition of systems engineering competencies and skill as

surance are lacking

. Now in recent times we have seen expansion of Industry’s val

ue chain and

also increased to execution work to industry , focus on Softw

are engineers due

to increase in system engineers expansion these trends pres

ent a demand and

challenge to development of system engineers like human cap

ital",also Defence

industry lookup for multiple engineering disciplines havi

ng deep expertise that

has been developed through experience over the period of the

re career in defence


2.1.1 Recommendation:-

NDIA systems engineering division to open a joint governmen

t/ industry short-

term study , to cultivate useful approaches to make adopting

additional gain

in interest in systems engineering as an important discipli

ne and provide mo-

tivation to join the defense /industrial complex/ . the use o

f must be strongly

inspired and used to improve the next generation of systems e

ngineers. con-

sider use of the term. have interaction ndia and the rest to im

prove a workable


“branding” approach for systems engineering that could cle

arly illustrate sys-

tems engineering as a vital , overarching “umbrella” view of

engineering that is

important to program/project success . encourage more univ

ersities and colleges

to develop a sophisticated degree systems that could help in

development of na-

tional security, possibly in cooperation with the defense a

cquisition university

, using current Software engineers who have great experienc

e practitioners to

not only improve the curricula but in addition assist in teac

hing same. Another

way is to work with groups like NDIA SED Discipline ",The Syste

m Engineering

Research center (SERC) which investigate and gives recomme

ndation on spe-

cific methods and Technoques which helps to improve the train

ing of Software

engineers work Issue 2: Cyber Resilient and Secure Systems T

o cope with the

comprehensive set of threats to defense systems , systems en

gineering should

consist of organization security engineering as a fundamen

tal factor . security

specialties have emerged over the years in response to new th

reats along with

risks. let’s say , information security protects confident i

nformation as well as

information systems to protects its integrity from intrude

rs and unauthorized

access that lead to the use , modification, or destruction dis

closure , disruption

. security now has risen to a system-level risk .but if we ralk

about twenty years

ago , systems of government and defence were relatively stan

dalone, software

used to be crucial , and the supply base used to be known but it w

as traceable

.Now if we see today’s sophisticated systems , software-con

trolled, which are

highly networked systems are built by prime contractors whi

ch coordinate hun-

dreds of suppliers’ for government ",defence and also commer

cial components of

opaque origin as well as integrity . security vulnerabiliti

es As the days passes the

cyber security is evolving fastly and perisistent cyber sys

tem security threat is

also increasing that can impact our all system which are inte

rconnected systems

so we must give focused attention to security of system for th

e following main

points include tenants of engineered resilient systems and

mission assurance:

For system security should not get traded away to system tech

nical capabili-

ties and also not think about cost reduction efforts .we have t

o take so many

things in mind to make well defined measures and metrics to con

duct trades

like cost",performance and risk.we have to focus the system m

ission functional

critical analysis are essential along with System critical

threads dor operational

concepts of operation(Conop) and System of System(SOS).Sy

stem security ar-

chitecture view needs to be redefined and also to develop meth

ods and the

integration of security specialities into our systems. Def

ence security is always

in threat of there confident mission and datas ",weapons which

can be which can

lead to losing integrity of national defence security due to

low security. For this

we need to develop a education and discipline ",training to ta

ke a area of different

robust security specialities with experience in mission sy

stem to work on embed-

ded systems also with a range of acquisition professionals T

here is a foundation

for system security nist sp 800-160 establishes a foundatio

n for system security

which have engineering best practices.system survivabili

ty in a cyber challenged

operational mission situation is critical we need to make su

re the system se-

curity that have well defined methods",standards",metrics",m

easures",processes to

program risk register to ensure a security focus with having

Skilled proffession-


als like system engineers to implement system security into

our development life


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